Makeover Friday – with mixed reviews

After 9 months of gross neglect, my appearance has dwindled to this:



Pay special attention to the ratty, unintentially grown out hair, the bags under the eyes, the complete lack of makeup, and the look of surrender.  Some of these issues were addressed today.

I have, for weeks been contemplating jumping on the heavy bang bandwagon.  So when I finally decided to do something for myself, I made an appointment with my hair dresser.  She is excellent and extremely meticulous.  So when I gave her a photo of the look I was hoping for, she spent two and a half hours washing, cutting, blow drying, tweaking, thinning, and straightening.



I have mixed emotions about what was achieved.   On one hand, it is technically exactly what I asked for.  On the other, I’m not sure it suits me like I thought it would.  It’s a little bold.  I’m not really a bold kind of broad.  And, geez, after two and a half hours, you’d think she could have done something about those dark circles.  What are those, anyway?  Those discoloured splotches underneath my eyes, on the tops of my cheeks?  They appeared when I was pregnant and never left.  They make me look old and haggard.  Well, more old and haggard.

I digress.

I went in hoping to emerge looking like this:


But I feel I look more like this:


Not a huge difference in the cut, but enough to make a huge difference in how I feel about it.  Maybe it’s the colour.  Maybe if I dye my hair dark brown, I’ll look exactly like Katie Holmes.  Exactly.

Eirinn doesn’t like the new hair.  She said that I don’t look like Mommy, which was sad to hear.  Then later she told me that she does like my hair.  Just not the hair style.  She digs the colour (which didn’t change).  AH said it was alright and it might grow on him.  That’s a husband’s polite way of saying he doesn’t like it, but he doesn’t want to upset his wife.

I’m…not sure.  I hate to dwell so long on something as trivial as a hairdo, but we’re getting our portraits done on Sunday.  This hair will be forever etched in our family’s history.  Is it a look I’m going to be comfortable with for eternity?  Probably not, but what hair style is?  Is it one that I’m going to look back upon and think “What the crap was I thinking?”  We’ll see.

*** I[fsyr (that’s “Update” when your fingers are misplaced on the keyboard.  Just so you know.)

I showered (good to know…) and re-did my hair this morning.  I can live with it.  I think it was too worked yesterday.  It was flat and perfectly smooth and straight as a stick and that’s just not my hair.  Also, the bangs were doing weird things. 


It’s still more Anna Wintour than Katie Holmes, but whatever.  Anna’s only the driving force behind American fashion.  She’s got to know a little something about what looks good, right?  It could be worse.  It could have turned out like this:


And that, my friends, would have been awesome.


3 thoughts on “Makeover Friday – with mixed reviews

  1. The first few days after a new haircut I always “hate it”.

    I think it looks great. It is only hair, and will grow out.

    Why put on make-up all the time when you are at home with the little ones? Spring for some new make-up products when you go back to work, it will make you feel better!

  2. Love it! You are so suited for bangs. And the length is so flattering.

    I agree that the first week is the crappiest time for a new cut. Weeks 2-4 (sometimes 5) rock. Then it’s due for a cut again. Like any of us have that sort of time, but it’s what I’ve found.

    You’ve got lots of bangs to play with, too. You can wear them to the side instead of straight down. And take a bit of putty or mud to the ends and texturize it.

    Can’t wait to see it in person!

  3. I think it looks great.. and I must say that you did a much better job that your hair dresser did!! Good job!!! I think it makes you look younger!
    Just tell AH that it’s just like having a new wife, perhaps when he thinks of it that way the bedroom life may get a bit spiced up too!! lol

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