Chocolate hangover

Happy belated Easter, everyone.  I hope yours was as family-, turkey dinner-, egg hunting-, and chocolate-filled as ours.  The Easter Bunny brought approximately a full metric tonne of chocolate and chocolate accessories to our house, via direct delivery and the grandparents.  We’re all set for chocolate hangovers for at least two or three months.  Or, if Eirinn has her way, two or three days.

The E.B. brought these adorable chocolate bunny alternatives to our place this year:

dsc_1556 Pigglesworth and Cowbelle, you are toocute.  I just want to bite off your over-sized pink noses and wash them down with your disproportionately large toes.

Eirinn was left alone with her pig for no longer than five minutes and she had the poor thing gnawed down to the lower half of his torso.  All that is left is his butt and two stubs for legs.  She got the pig because he is (was…poor thing) white chocolate and the E.B. knew that Avery would be sharing her chocolate cow with her mommy and her mommy doesn’t like white chocolate.  But, as is apparent from the pig massacre, Eirinn does.  Very much.

E.B. also set up an egg hunt with plastic eggs filled with Hershey Kisses and Reese’s Pieces eggs (delish!).  Eirinn loved this game because she loves hide and seek and hot and cold and all those sorts of activities.


Along with the usual chocolate stuffs, E.B. was kind and generous enough to leave Eirinn a princess bike helmet to match the scooter she got for her birthday, as well as Pinocchio.  He left a little stuffed bunny and three touchy-feely books for Avery.


Don’t think you’re getting that chocolate away from me that easily.  When you’re chasing Eirinn with your camera, documenting the egg hunt, I’m totally going to rip into one of these Kinder eggs and spread the contents all over your nice vanilla-coloured carpets.  Aaaaand she did.

Eirinn and Avery had a treasure hunt at AH’s parents’ house, whereby a series of rhyming clues led them to their Easter gifts.  At my parents’ house, we had two egg hunts.  One for the grown children (me, 29, my 25 year old sister, my 22 year old brother and his 19 year old girlfriend), and one for Eirinn.  We’ve never stopped having hunts because a) they are much too fun, and b) we are much too immature.  Our hunts are knock-down, drag-out, no-holds-barred, fights-until-the-bitter-chocolate-covered-death (is there any other way?).  And none of this crap where you share your booty so that everyone has the same amount.  No.  These hunts have winners and losers and I’m usually the winner.  That’s because my brother is big and slow (6’2″, 210 lbs) and my sister is small and weak.  I’m the perfect combination of fast, wily, and mean.  Heavy on the mean.

I hope you had a great holiday, as we did.  We’ll be recovering for a long while with chocolate headaches and chocolate nausea and chocolate…mmmm…chocolate.



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