Go, go, go

Avery learned how to crawl on April 1st.  She has not slowed down since.  I’m pretty sure she heard us talking about how Eirinn learned to crawl at 7 months and she’s decided to make up for lost time.  She still all wind-up toy-like, with the jerky, purposeful motions, but she can move like the wind.  She’s also decided that this whole “learning new skills” business is the bee’s knees.  In the 17 days since she began her life of mobility, she has learned how to:

  • crawl
  • sit herself up
  • stand at furniture
  • cruise
  • point
  • sleep on her stomach (not really a new skill, but a new preference)(I know, I know Back to Sleep and all, but you try keeping a baby, who already has sleep issues, on her back when she insists on sleeping on her stomach)

She’s also started doing this thing that is hard to describe, but is beyond hilarious.  Do you know the baby game that goes:

 “This is the way the lady rides – trot, trot, trot (bounce baby on your knee).  This is the way the gentleman rides – gallop, gallop, gallop (gallop baby on your knee).  This is the way the codger rides – wonkity, wonkity, wonkity, doooooown in the ditch (rock baby back and forth and then tilt her backwards).”

Avery now just has to hear “This is the way…” and she gets an unmistakable look of mischief in her eyes and a big goofy grin on her face.  She will rock herself back and forth and you better be hanging onto her hands tightly, because she also throws herself backwards, flinging her legs in the air violently enough for her body to do a complete back flip, landing on her feet in front of you.  Every bit of this was her idea.  I believe we have a little daredevil on our hands.

Oh, and as if it weren’t obvious enough, Avery would just like everyone to know that she’s full of beans and ready to get ‘er done.  Her first official word?  “Go, go, go!”


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