Chef Eirinn: Bargain Hunter

At Zellers, there were shelves of merchandise, stuff, crap previously prices between $1 and $2, marked down to 25 cents a piece.  Yes, quality crap.  Eirinn was being very, very, very, very, very good (she likes it when I overuse the word ‘very’; the following word always means more that way), so I said she could pick out one thing.  I’m pretty stingy.  And let’s be honest here – she was behaving herself, not curing cancer.  Oddly enough, she chose a rolling pin.  When asked what she wanted to use it for, she said for her Play Doh.  Well.  Giant Mommy Fail – Eirinn doesn’t own any Play Doh.  Luckily, there was totally safe and totally lead free, direct from China, Play Doh-esque modelling clay, three jars for 25 cents.  Quality modelling clay.

And do you know what was located directly beside the modelling clay?  Only the cutest thing ever constructed, that’s what!  A kid-sized, purple chef’s hat!  In the cart that went.  And on the shelf below it?  A kid-sized, purple and white checked apron!  In the cart with that, as well.  25 cents each! 


Usually you can’t put a price on cuteness, but if you must, $1 for an outfit including activity is pretty fair.


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