Zoom, zoom

We’ve been through Alice in Wonderland.  We’ve done The Wizard of Oz.  At Christmas, it was The Grinch.  Recently, Tinman dominated.  These movies have permanent grooves indented into them from the laser in the DVD player from the kerbajillion times each of them have been played. 

Eirinn, as with most kids, gets obsessed (obsessed) with movies and would watch them on repeat all day long, if she was allowed.  Her current movie-crush is Bolt.  We bought it for her the week it came out and it hasn’t spent a full day on the movie shelf yet.  In fact, it hasn’t spent enough time out of the DVD player to cool down.  Admittedly, it’s a very, very good movie.  The first thousand times we watched it.  Now, it’s still pretty good, it’s just lost its super awesomeness.  But not for Eirinn.

Today we went to the Disney Store to return a birthday present that didn’t fit (poor Eirinn and her thick feet…) and exchanged shoes for…

drdrdrdrdrdr (that’s a drum roll; work with me here)


Bolt!  And Mittens!  Ahhhhhh!!!  Super Awesome!

* Please excuse the disgusting mess in the background there.  We’re going through some minor renovations in the kitchen and its entire contents have been vomited all over the breakfast table.


3 thoughts on “Zoom, zoom

  1. I have stayed away from “Bolt” because someone told me there were “scary” parts in it and Aleah (even though she’s almost 5) can’t handle anything remotely scary. So what do you think, is it scary? Should we try it? I am so impressed on the movies that Eirinn is into. She has a great attention span!Aleah is well…let’s just say a little immature I guess when it comes to her movie taste. She STILL likes Dora and Diego and Backyardigans. Mainly it’s because she saw a couple movies like Nemo with the “scary” shark and Little Mermaid with the scary (ok this one is scary) Octopus. I think those monkeys and the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz would give Aleah nightmares. She had a nightmare after we read a book about a hungry crocodile!! Is Eirinn inot the Barbie movies yet? Aleah will watch some of those, especially 12 Dancing Princesses. Oh and she likes Thumbelina and Tinkerbell too.

    So what are you doing to your kitchen? Isn’t it relatively new?

    Cute pic!

  2. The first ten minutes and then the last ten minutes or so could be considered scary. But the in between parts are not at all.

    Eirinn is mostly over Dora and Diego, but she still watches Backyardigans every night before bedtime. She likes the Barbie movies, too.

    The kitchen is still the way it came from the builder, so we’re adding mosaic tile backsplash, under cabinet lighting and painting the walls. We only have the tiles up, not grouted, so far.

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