Post-baby squishy body

AH and I have started an exercise routine.  We’ve neglected to include any sort of cardio, which is essential to fat reduction and heart strength, but we’re starting with simple exercises we can do in front of the television.  You see, we’ve neglected the cardio because we can’t do it in front of the tv.  We’re a mite addicted and we’re not yet willing to admit we have a problem.

Neither of us is over weight, by any stretch of the imagination.  We’re just not quite as tight and toned as we were years ago.  I’ve always been fairly trim and muscular, so the post-baby squishy body is one that I’m unfamiliar and uncomfortable with.  We have to be comfortable in our own skin, right? 

In high school, I was obsessed with TLC’s Creep and Janet Jackson’s That’s The Way Love Goes music videos.  Not because I was fans of their music, in particular, but I was fascinated by their abs.  I wanted mine to look just like that.  So I worked at it.   I worked hard at it.  Every night, while watching tv (it has been a life long addiction) I would do at least 200 crunches.  At.  Least.  I learned which exercises best worked my upper abs, my lower abs, my sides, my lower back.  I may not know their correct anatomical names, but I know how to make them look good.  Mine at least.   After a while, I had my own six pack, washboard stomach.  And I kept it up, right up until half way through my pregnancy with Eirinn.  While I maintain that I could be considered somewhat of an ab workout expert, given the ten plus years of work I did, my stomach hasn’t resembled its high school-aged predecessor for three and a half years (as would be expected).  I’m hoping muscle memory can withstand two pregnancies, a lot of hours holding down the couch and an obscene number of donuts.

AH and I discussed joining a gym.  That got nixed because of the cost and the logistics.  What do we do with the girls three or four times a week while we’re at the gym?  We talked about buying a treadmill.  We’d love one if we had an extra thousand dollars hanging out in our pockets and a room with a tv to put it in (remember the addiction).  Treadmill’s out.  We mulled the simplist solution – actually going for walks with the girls in the real, live outdoors – but, unfortunately, that also wouldn’t work.  We can barely squash in five minutes between AH getting home from work, making and eating dinner, and getting the girls ready for their 7:30 and 8:00 bedtimes.  Besides, I already go for long walks with them two or three times a week.  Our last thought, which we still might do, is to utilize our Wii for what we got it for.  We’ve never been able to get a Wii Fit because they’ve been forever sold out in our area, but we may actively search one out now.  It seems to combine our two greatest needs – to get into shape, and to maintain our focus on our television screen, no matter what crap is flickering on it (we watch The Hills, people;  ‘nuf said).

But, for now, cardio is out.  Probably one of the most unwise decisions made in personal training history, but whatever.  We are starting somewhere and that’s the best we can do for now.


One thought on “Post-baby squishy body

  1. If you get a Wii Fit you can do cardio with it. The program it comes with is designed with yoga, silly games and cardio in the form of boxing, step aerobics, stc.

    It gets you moving and tricks you into working out more by getting you to beat the game part of it.

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