The solution is earplugs

Avery has always been my easy baby.  Not easy, given the mountain of an issue we call sleep we had to conquer, but easier than Eirinn was.  Eirinn was my high maintenance, cranky, colicky baby.  Avery has been my happy, smiley, easy going daughter…until now.

For the past two weeks, giving an explanation as to why I’ve been so quiet lately, she has been, to put it mildly, unpleasant.  I’m not sure what’s wrong, if anything.  She has popped out a few teeth (totalling 8 now), has a very mild cold (just a bit of a leaky nose, which may also be due to the teeth), but other than that nothing is unusual.  She’s not constipated, or the opposite.  She’s getting plenty of sleep, at the appropriate times, continuing to sleep for 11 hours straight at night and two moderate naps (45 minutes to an hour and a half).  We’re going out at times, so she’s not bored.  She’s getting plenty to eat; breastfeeding 5 or 6 times a day, two meals and two snacks, so she’s not hungry.  She’s not showing any signs of having a food sensitivity or allergy.  She’s just grumpy.

If I’m holding her, she’s crying and wriggling to get down.  When I set her down, she cries and tries to climb up my leg.  I put her in her high chair, beside me, with a toy, she cries.  When I give her a snack, she eats it, then immediately cries.  And when I say “cry”, I don’t mean the sad, poor baby cry.  I mean a loud, angry, pissed off baby cry.  The kind of cry that smacks my face when I get too close or throws toys and sippy cups when they are within arms reach.  The frustrated, fed up part of me says this is happening “all the time”, but it’s actually not.  Perhaps only 50% of the time.  But it sure does feel like all the time.

All this is very trying.  It’s exhausting mentally (just when I cured the physical exhaustion) and emotionally, not knowing how to fix the broken baby.  She’s my baby, why don’t I know how to fix her?  She used to be so happy.  What happened (or is happening) to make her so unhappy?  Is this just the way things are now?  Or will she get over this?  Is there something wrong I’m not seeing?


4 thoughts on “The solution is earplugs

  1. OMG, maybe it’s just a weird month for kids this month. The past two weeks have been the WORST two weeks in Owen’s life. He is miserable! He has daily tantrums (several), he is not sleeping well, he is just awful! Like the worst he’s ever been awful. I can’t wait for June! I keep thinking June is going to magically fix him. What I do know from past experience with both my kids though (and you probably see this with Eirinn) is that ‘phases’ are definitely TRUE!! They really do exist. I totally believe in the saying “it’s just a phase” because Aleah and even Owen for that matter have been in and out of ‘phases’ their whole lives. Eating/not eating phases, sleeping/not sleeping phases, amazing behaviour/horrible behaviour phases etc… I think since all Avery’s needs are being met and nothing drastic has changed in her life then she is probably just in a phase too and it’s nothing you’ve done and she won’t stay this way. We as mother’s just kind have to survive through the bad phases and relish is the good ones!

  2. I feel for you. Kids certainly have their phases. Andrew went through one like this for 2 months or more… He was 10-13 month range…

    Have you checked with the doctor to make sure it’s not an ear infection or strep throat or something you can’t see? I know most of the time we know as moms… I mention this because back January Andrew got 2 new teeth and had a HORRIBLE week… I thought it was just the teeth, but it turns out he had strep throat and an ear infection in both ears. 😦 I felt SO bad for thinking it was just teeth and letting it go on so long.

    All that said, I think this age is really frustrating for kids. They want to be up moving around, doing everything their older sibbling is doing. They want to be independent but don’t have the skills… They have something to communicate, but can’t… I feel for you. Hang in there. it will get better!

  3. My kids often went through rough spots with sleeping poorly, fussing a lot, etc. just as they were about to his some big milestone. It’s like they were putting so much thought and energy into learning to crawl or learning to walk that they just got themselves all exhausted and cranky in the process.

    Hope things get better soon.

  4. My first guess was ear infection, too. Neither of my girls have ever had them, but I’ve heard they often manifest this way, with no outward symptoms.

    She also might just be frustrated with…everything. Wanting to be big like Eirinn, but not fast enough, but still wants to be held.

    Who knows. Aren’t babies fun? This is why I threaten to sell mine every day.

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