The beeps, the sweeps, and the creeps*

Avery is not much of a talker.  I hate to compare, although I think it comes naturally when you have more than one child, but Eirinn at almost 11 months was walking and talking.  Not complete sentences (that came at about 18 months), but she certainly had several words down, using them properly.  But Avery is a little more laid back with the whole developmental milestone thing.  Not behind, I’m definitely not bothered by it and absolutely not worried or anything, but she has more of a “hey, I’ll get there when I get there”-type attitude about the whole deal.  She’s content to crawl and cruise and words are less important than, say, pointing, grunting and spitting.  That combination will usually get her what she wants and also lets us know if we get it wrong.  Spit’ll do that.  Especially when it’s a lot of spit, right in your face.

However, she is a Master Mimicker.  She loves making sound effects and the louder, the better.  Remember Michael Winslow?  He was Sgt. Larvelle Jones from Police Academy and Radar Technician from Space Balls.  Avery is like a novice, female, baby-version of Michael Winslow.


Train – Whoo Whoo, Avery – Ahhh Ahhh

Hair dryer – Shhhhhh, Avery – AAAAAAAH

Dog – Woof Woof, Avery – Oof Oof

It’s bloody adorable, and we completely encourage it, but a real word might be nice once in a while.  I mean, she’s not totally wordless.  She says no, no, no, with finger-wagging, and nye-nye and a wave at bedtime, and has said baa baa for bye bye.  She has made the sound mama before, as well as dada, but not consistentely and not in the right context.

And I’m really not complaining, because I live with the alternative.  Eirinn has to be told several times a day to stop talking, just for a little bit, so mommy can listen to her thoughts.  Or, you know, the other child.  Just in case something other than a sound effect comes out of her mouth.  Or spit.  There’s an awful lot of spit.

*quote from Spaceballs


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