Bah, mah, hah

After basically giving the mom version of the “I’m good enough, smart enough, and, dog-gone it, people like me” speech about Avery not speaking much yet, she went ahead and proved me wrong, pessimistic, stupid.  Literally since the day I wrote that post the chick has practically learned to speak fluent English.  No exaggeration.  Ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration.  But she’s trying really, really hard.

She’s got ball, Bosco, bye, and Baba all down; all slight variations of ‘bah’.  Bye gets two bah’s.  She’ll point very carefully to the object she’s talking about, so we know it’s not a coincidence or an accident.  She can also say ‘this’, which is ‘iss’ with a direct point.  She does hi, mama, dada, – hah, mah, and d-d, respectively.  AH got her to say kitty and shoes, or shush, last night.

All this since the weekend.  Impressive, no?  Mostly impressive, a touch creepy, and a side of “she’s been toying with us all along”.

Coincidentally, or un-coincidentally, her bad mood that plagued us for weeks prior to this week has vanished.  She’s back to her old self.  Mostly.  She’s her old self with more to say.

Oh, and this happens all the time now, too:



One thought on “Bah, mah, hah

  1. It’s so funny how kids just all the sudden make up their mind and do stuff like that! Glad the mood has improved. She is probably struggling less and sleeping more soundly…

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