I’m a twit(ter-er)

So I’ve jumped on the Twitter bandwagon.  What a friggin’ time-suck.  Seriously.  Everything about Twitter seems ridiculous to me, yet I log on once, just to see what the big whoop is and *poof* it’s an hour later, my eyeballs are dried up raisins, and I know that Miley Cyrus just inhaled a cupcake, Sarah Silverman is even funnier that I thought, Danny Masterson has a Canadian friend who exits the car before passing gas and that Heidi Montag loves Jesus.  REALLY loves Jesus.  All things I totally could have died not knowing. 

Or so I thought up until I registered.  Now I must know.  I must know everything.


One thought on “I’m a twit(ter-er)

  1. Oh nooooooooo – you have been sucked in!!!! lol
    I totally have stayed away from Twitter – and now I am happy that I have or I too would have dried up raisins for eyes!!!

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