The weekend of doing stuff

This weekend was busier than I care to recall, but I will anyway, for your benefit.  Oh, yeah.  And the whole “documenting my children’s lives” business.  In brief, we visited the zoo on Friday, Eirinn went to the trailer with my parents on Friday night, we prepared food all day Saturday, Sunday was Father’s Day and Avery’s baptism, Sunday night I lost photos taken at the zoo.  And then I collapsed and died from exhaustion and disbelief of how giant an a-hole I am.


We went to the zoo with our friends, Carly, Lucy, Alice and Nana Dianne.  I was kind of nervous, knowing that Avery wouldn’t be getting much sleep, her being anti-sleeping-in-anything-but-her-crib-at-home.  Plus, Eirinn tends to get hyper-hypo/ADHD/loony to the nth degree when presented with any sort of stimulus, and the zoo has that in spades.  But, once again, the girls ganged up on me, only in a positive way this time.  Two wonderfully angelic surprises.  Eirinn was obedient and happy and agreeable; Avery was charming and cheerful and amazed.  Mommy was relieved. 

It was a long day, but it was probably the most fun and wholly fulfilling day I’ve had in a long time, if not ever.  I loved watching the girls’ eyes light up at their favourite animals (Avery’s was the elephants; Eirinn’s was the stingrays, although she told me that her favourite part of the day was getting to see Lucy) and I could just see the wheels turning in their little heads as they inhaled the information and experience. 



After such an amazing day, I was actually quite sad.  I have three weeks exactly until I go back to work.  I am going to miss seeing my girls all day, every day so much it’s going to hurt.  Having this past year to spend with them, watch them grow, experience life with them, has been absolutely invaluable.  But knowing that this won’t ever happen again, at the most a couple weeks at a time, makes me panic to make the most of the time I have left.  We’re going to squeeze as much quality time and everlasting memory-making into these last few weeks.  I’m going to spend our time together visiting places only open during the week days, doing things we won’t have time to when I’m not around full-time, and hugging and loving them.  I know I’ll still see them everyday, but it will only be for a few hours and right now that doesn’t feel like enough.  It will be hard at first.   I hope it will get less hard with time.


Eirinn has been working very hard at getting her sticker rewards for not peeing in her Pull Up.  It took one day short of two weeks to get her first row of seven stickers, but she got it.  We were (and are) so proud of her every day she woke up and went pee in the potty instead of taking the lazy way out and going in the Pull Up.  For the first prize, we decided to go all out.  Reel her in with the flash and hopefully get her hooked.  Her prize was the trip to the zoo (although, we would have gone anyway), overnight at the trailer (again, she would have gotten to do this either way), and, AND, an Alice in Wonderland doll waiting for her there.  Wow.  Spoiled child.  It’s not like she cured cancer; all she did was not pee her pants.  But we have to start big and we can dwindle off later.

Father’s Day

Unfortunately, Father’s Day kind of got a little lost in the shuffle with the other, more once-in-a-lifetime-esque, event occurring on Sunday, but we celebrated a bit, nonetheless.  Daddy got to sleep in (until Avery’s screaming woke him up) and we did cards and presents in bed.  Eirinn picked out a special gummy sucker thing with “I *heart* you” on it.  She said she would share it with Daddy, but she ate most of it herself and threw the rest away.  I sort of made breakfast for him.

My dad is getting his Father’s Day today.  Barbequed steaks, presents, and a forced break from working around the house.

More of a fizzle than a bang, but what can you do?  Bad timing, is all.

Avery’s Baptism

In a series of stressfully over-planned Avery-centric events occurring in June (someone has a first birthday coming up in 8 days…), Avery was baptised yesterday.  This means Bosco and I are officially the only non-Catholics in our household.   We celebrated the occasion by hosting a party at AH’s parents’ house with family and too much food.  Who knew three loaves of sandwiches was about two loaves too many for 18 people?  Well, it is.

At the church, Avery charmed the entire congregation with her smiling and pointing and “hi”-ing.  She also happened to be wearing the most beautiful baptismal gown I’ve ever seen.  Purchased by Anonymous Granny, it was literally a miniature wedding dress.  In fact, I’m sure it weighed more than my own wedding dress did. 

So now she has been welcomed into God’s family like a good Catholic, cursed with a heathen mother (and dog).


Road rage at the After Party.  I’m sure the language being used was colourful.  What the heck…she can just go to confession and absolve all her sins, so why not?

Lost Photo Fiasco

So, I was copying the photos from my memory card onto the computer.  When I copied all of them, I cleared the card.  After I cleared the card, I noticed that nine photos from the zoo, my nine favourite photos which I had plans of including on a 1st birthday slideshow, were missing.  Well, not so much missing, because I knew exactly where they were, as gone forever.  Lost into “delete” oblivion.  I was absolutely crushed.  After a busy, exhausting day this was enough for me to lose my sh!t get a bit upset.

Luckily, years ago, 5 years this July 9th, I had the insight to marry a nerd computer genius.  Did you know there was such a thing as undelete?  Sounded like science fiction to me, but apparently it’s real.  Anonymous Husband jumped on the computer and in less than ten minutes, including the time to find a shareware program to download, all the pictures that were lost were found again.  Thank.  Jesus.


This week is jam-packed full of birthday party planning and preparing and cleaning and shopping and going bat-poop crazy.  I have a disgusting house to clean, presents to buy, food to organize (note to self: people don’t eat as much as you think they do), decorations to hang, games to invent (what exactly can you do with six kids, the oldest one being 3?), and only 5 days to do it in.  Plus we have a trip to a doll museum as well as another zoo to conquer. 

So what am I doing still typing?  Oh, right.  Pretending to do something productive while my other tab is Twitter-stalking…

(P.S. – this is officially the longest post I’ve ever done.  That happens when you get so busy you forget you have a blog.)


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