Baby vs. Baby Legs

Avery has been uber grumpy as of late.  The cause?  She wants to walk, NOW!  Stupid, useless, no-good, lazy legs of hers are content with crawling for all of eternity and she, my friends, is not.

We’ve been practicing and practicing and walking with her around the house for weeks.  She’s certain she should be able to walk by now.  She’ll let go of our hands and fling herself with mucho force onto the ground, thinking sheer inertia will propel her into a confident and expert stride.  Not so.  She lands with a thud and throws a full-on temper tantrum, dramatic kicking and all, at the injustice of being cursed with legs unwilling to walk upright.

At 12 months (almost 13), her inability to walk is not abnormal.  It’s perfectly fine if she (or her legs – the decision is clearly not hers to be this late) doesn’t walk until she’s even 18 months, but God help us all if it takes that long.  She won’t tolerate that.  And by “won’t tolerate that”, I mean she’ll turn into Hulk-baby, full transformation fuelled by her mobility-rage.  SMASH RAWR SMASH.

Last night, Anonymous Husband and I were talking in the kitchen, Avery playing with some kind of garbage on the floor a few feet away (Mommy Win!).  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Avery concentrating very hard on trying to stand up.  She was on all fours, like a bear, toying with how to lift her hands.  I got AH’s attention and we watched as she got herself into a stand with no help whatsoever.

Of course, as soon as she stood up, smiling like the cat who caught the canary, AH and I screamed and clapped and scared the bajesus out of her.  But, throughout the night, she did it three or four more times; each time she was as proud as can be and each time we yelled and scared her off her feet.

Except this one time.  This one time, near bedtime, she stood herself up a few feet from the couch and she walked to it.  She took three steps to the couch and yay!  She won!  Her legs lose!  Suckas!

So that’s our project for the next few days or weeks or however long it takes.  It’s Team Avery, Wannabe Walkie Walkerton vs. Her Lazy Legs.  She’s got this in the bag, for sure.  Mark my words, Avery will be walking full time very, very soon.


3 thoughts on “Baby vs. Baby Legs

  1. It’s amazing how fast they go from trying to walk to walking all the time! Andrew walked at 11 months – and if I could choose, I would choose 13 months!!

  2. Yay Avery! (Sorry your freedom is done now, Jen) Lexy walked when she was 10 months I think, Caity was lazier and took until 14 months to fully walk, although she did take her first real steps on her first birthday… It seems like the second always takes long, maybe because we are always doing something for them?

    Excellent job, little girl 🙂

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