Mostly pictures/few words


Avery is walking!  About half the time, anyway.  Apparently she woke up from her nap today and decided it was a good day to start.  Up until today she has been walking a few steps at a time, a couple of times a day.  Today she’s been walking across the room, turning corners, getting back up when she falls down.  She’s officially a walker.

Her first long trek went from the couch to the stairs; about 15 or 20 feet.  She toddled her way over, slammed her hands down on the first step, and yelled ‘ha!’  It was like she had finally beat her legs.  She won, her lazy legs lost. 



This is Eirinn with a Princess Fish.  You can tell it’s a Princess Fish because of the red earrings, yellow belly and spikey crown.  Some people might call it a Sunfish.  These people would be wrong.  Oh, and Interwebs, meet my brother’s butt.



Don’t let his pint-size fool you.  This guy is a PIG.  We spent the entire morning on Saturday feeding him.  He would scatter up onto the porch, we would hand him two or three peanuts, he would stuff his gourd and scurry off to unload.  We did this no less than 50 times.  We suspect there were two of them working as a team because one of them preferred his peanuts shelled, the other didn’t mind if we de-shelled them.  The girls got to pet him as he was too busy filling his face to sense any kind of danger in getting that close to a smashy smasher baby who likes to smashy smash everything.



My bathing beauties.


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