From two (three) very lucky girls

To the dad who creates the most delicious dinners, day after day, even though each meal is predictibly greeted with “I don’t like it…”

To the dad who happily goes on family walks every week, even though he would rather be indoors.

To the dad who is there, really there, every time it counts.

To the dad who took his daughter on her first movie date, just the two of them, lunch, popcorn, embarrassingly gigantic 3D glasses and all.

To the dad who will push the enormous rocketship shopping cart around the grocery store, no matter how awkward it is, just because it makes his girls happy.

To the dad who reads stories every night, curled up in bed beside his big girl.

To the dad who passed on his love of drumming, Jersey Boys, and Bonk on the Head to both his daughters.

To the dad who is in for a life filled with estrogen, empty bank accounts, questionable boyfriends, and a neverending supply of hugs and kisses.

To the dad who lets his girls jump on his boys.  (Or at least doesn’t yell when it happens by accident.)

Happy Birthday Daddy (or Datty, or Dada, depending on who’s calling).  We love you more than you’ll ever know.


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