Step away from your Egg McMuffin. It’s for your own good.

In our area, we’ve switched from garbage pickup every week and recycling every other week, to garbage every other week and recycling every week.  Compost, as always, is every week.  This is a fantastic step in the direction of reducing waste and encouraging more recycling and composting.  I think most people who are wary of this change are so because they aren’t composting properly.  I’ve heard many people complain that their garbage is going to start stinking and attracting flies if they have to store it for two weeks before a pickup.  This is totally not true!  If you are composting properly, and every little bit of food and paper waste is being disposed of correctly, than there shouldn’t be anything in your garbage can that would stink and attract the local wildlife.  Besides diapers, of course.  Although, I’ve heard some places even compost them and I’m waiting with excitement and anticipation for the day our area offers that.  A much, much larger compost receptacle would be in order.

Now, all this is well and true if you follow composting to a T.  We usually try our very best to compost any and all food waste, napkins, paper towels, tea bags, etc.  Usually.  Apparently a couple of scraps of raw chicken slipped past the Gate Keeper and into our garbage.  For a week.  And because we’re not so used to having raw meat rot and ferment in our garbage can in the garage, we left the lid off.  Until it started to stink and attract flies, then we lidded that nasty sucker.

Then it came time to set out the recycling and compost (not a garbage week).  AH does the duties, and while he was doing that, he went to change the bag in the can.  Upon removal of said bag, it was discovered that a large infestation of maggots had taken up residence in our garbage can.  BARF.  BARF TO THE NTH DEGREE.  BARF UNTIL THERE IS BARF NO MORE.  BARF UNTIL THAT BARF STARTS ATTRACTING IT’S OWN MAGGOT-BIRTHING FLIES WHO THEN BARF THEIR OWN MAGGOTY FLY BABY BARF.  JUST…BARF.  The maggots fell out of the bag, which had a very unfortunate hole in it, and onto our garage floor, onto the carpet we have underneath the can.  AH and I (mostly AH because I was too busy barfing) spent about an hour washing and spraying Clorox and dousing with bleach and squishing little squirmy disgusting maggots with tissues.  I’m as much a nature and animal lover as the next crunchy granola hippie, but maggots can die a horribly painful squishing death when they come into my home, invading my otherwise maggot-free existence.

And that is how we began our Staycation ’09.  The rest, thus far, has been exponentially better.  I’ll elaborate when I finish with my 486th bleach bath to rid myself of the feeling of maggots crawling all over my body.

Oh, and enjoy your breakfast.


4 thoughts on “Step away from your Egg McMuffin. It’s for your own good.

  1. When we first switch to that schelude here in Whitby we had the same problem. We quickly discovered that boiling water killed the maggots very quickly

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