Make someone happy. Vote for Eirinn.

How rude of me.  I haven’t posted in ages and I come back to ask you to work.  I know.  I’m hanging my head from the shame of it all.  I can bearly look you in the eyes.


VOTE FOR EIRINN!  I’ll kiss your babies!  I’ll help old ladies cross the road!  I’ll make false promises of tax cuts and health care reform!  I’ll conduct myself in an appropriate manner, publicly, in order to cover up my private indiscretions with…wait, what?

That went south quickly.  Sorry about that.  The millions in campaign donations went straight to my head.



A vote for Eirinn is a vote for you!

Choose Eirinn for change!

Two, four, six, eight.  Vote for Eirinn, don’t be late!

Vote better – vote Eirinn!

Eirinn – the coolest vote!

Eirinn stands for excellence!

Making the world better since 2006 – Eirinn.

She’s not popular, she’s not pretty, so she has time for student government. (what?  Mommy Fail.  Got a little “copy/paste”-happy)



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