Top 3 things Eirinn said at the dentist office today

In honour of my new favourite website (perusing which has sucked approximately 11 of the last 12 hours of my life away), I give you the Top 3 Things Eirinn Said at the Dentist Office Today

  1. When asked by the hygenist, who had up until that moment been nearly completely ignored, if she was excited about starting dance this week, she replied “Yeah.  I already know all the moves, I just don’t know how to put them together.”
  2. On the topic of candy and who gives her the most treats, I suggested a certain grandparent who shall not be named.  We received silence.  Mr. Hygenist commented to her, but really to me, “You’re not admitting to anything.”  Not expecting a response, she averted her eyes, but still devilishly sly, “Noooo way.”
  3. As the examination began (mine, she was there simply to observe) and the hygenist began scaling away at my teeth with what would appear to an unfamiliar eye to be micro instruments of torture, Eirinn got off her chair, eyes a-bulged, and whispered in my ear “I don’t want a dentist appointment today.”


I took Eirinn with me today so she could see that going to the dentist and having your teeth examined is not a scary thing.  I, for one, find it mostly relaxing.  Until we get to the end and they try to upsell my visit with suggestions of unnecessary wisdom tooth removal (every.  single.  time.  MAKE A NOTE IN MY FILE – I DO NOT WANT THEM REMOVED).  I called the office ahead of time to make sure it was ok that I would have a tag along observer and was praised for my ingenuity.  Eirinn is 3 1/2 now and is at the age that we should be taking her for her first appointment.  I didn’t want to surprise her with the dental goings-on, so I thought she could watch me first and see that it ain’t so bad.  Plus, she got a princess tooth brush and a Shrek eraser (out of a basket filled with toys, she picks a Shrek eraser…).

I think it worked because as we were leaving the building, she told me that she didn’t want to go home.  Although, later on in the ride I heard the real reason.  She regretted her initial eraser selection.  What she really wanted was the other Shrek eraser.  I told her she could get it when we go back in a month for her very own appointment.


2 thoughts on “Top 3 things Eirinn said at the dentist office today

  1. Great idea. I definitely need to do this with Lucy, and we’re all due for an appointment, too.

    Have you taken her to get her eyes checked? That’s on our list as well.

  2. I haven’t given serious thought about having her eyes checked yet. Mainly because her eyes won’t fall out if they go unchecked, whereas teeth might (all it takes is one little hidden cavity…). I think I’ll take her before school next year, unless she shows signs of vision problems before then.

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