More Broadway, less Britney Spears

I’ve started to give some thought to preparing Eirinn for school next year.  I know she has to know the alphabet (recognizing the letters, not just saying it), her numbers, how to spell her name, colours, shapes, how to do zippers and buttons, velcro shoes.  Besides the alphabet and her name (which she’s working on), she’s got everything else down.  What I’m not sure about is how she’s going to be taking instruction.  She barely does what she’s told from AH or me, is she going to listen to a stranger?  Worried…  So I thought we should prep her for listening to another adult by putting her into some sort of activity.  We’ve done swimming, but that was with me (and she didn’t listen to what she was told there), I’ve had bad experiences with gymnastics (although I know she’d love it), soccer and t-ball only run in the summer, Brownies starts at age 5.

Eirinn has told me she wants to be a singer and a dancer when she grows up, so we signed her up for Pre-dance for ages 3 to 4.  Her very first class was today and all of us, AH included, were so excited.  I was never put into dance when I was young, which was probably a wise decision because that would have been a couple hundred dollars out the window; a conclusion based on the fact that I am a horrible dancer, arm-movementally speaking.  So the whole dance “world” (and it is a completely different world than that of Brownies, Calvinettes and softball; the worlds I grew up in) is foreign to me.  I had friends who were dancers, and I saw the friendships forged through hours spent in a studio or in class, along with the discipline, the creativity, the exercise.  All good things.

Class #1 went fantastically!  She was an eager little learner, being the first to take a spot on her chosen piece of tape, not budging until she was told to.  She (mostly) paid close attention to the instructors.  She was very good at the moves, as far as I could tell.  And she enjoyed it immensely.  I know she did because she didn’t ask to leave, which she would have no problem doing if she was bored or didn’t enjoy it, and she told me she wanted to go back next week.

If she wants to be a singer and a dancer, that’s her prerogative.  I’ve long wanted to be a performer on Broadway; I merely lack the dance/vocal/acting talent, the looks, and the drive, so to hear her say that she’d like to do that is wonderful, even if this is just the whim of a three year old.  You have to start somewhere.

AH thinks the singer portion of her lifelong dream may be a bust; I think she’s a lovely singer.  But the dancing part?  I think she’s going to kill it.  And if she doesn’t?  At least we’re giving her the opportunity to try.

Operation Retirement Fund Future Broadway Superstar: Phase 1 Initiated




P.S.  Did you know that the cutest thing in the world is a room filled with miniature ballerinas?  Tiny pink slippers and wee pink chiffon skirts and itty bitty pink body suits?  Too cute.


6 thoughts on “More Broadway, less Britney Spears

  1. I didn’t get to take too many pictures because they shooed the parents out of the room before the class started. We got to watch in an adjoining room through a one-sided (two-sided?) mirror. I tried to take one more picture, but, as it turns out, you cannot take pictures through one-sided (two-sided?) mirrors. I thought I was getting a picture of her ballerina-ing (as she puts it) when all I got was a picture of a bunch of parents’ heads.

  2. Wow!! When did Eirinn become so NOT a baby anymore. She looks like such a big girl now! SOOO cute! Aleah is now 5 so now she graduted into the black bodysuit and I am sad about that. The little ones in their pink are soooo cute!!! I miss the pink! Welcome to the fun world of dance! It worked wonders for Aleah’s confidence level and the recital is to die for with cuteness!

  3. You don’t need an excuse to put your little girl in dance (especially the school one!) Eirinn looks adorable! And don’t worry too much on the alphabet. Most of the kids can’t recognize all the letters or even most of them when they start jk. However, you’ll be amazed by what they know by the end of the first year!!!

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