This is awesome, too

Fact #1 – I hate flavoured water.  Most flavoured water is sweetened with aspartame or Splenda or sorbitol and those three things are fancy talk for gross.

Fact #2 – I love lemonade with an intensity most often reserved for children or spouses.  Lemonade and I are best of friends.

Fact #3 – My dog licks his boy bits too much.

Ignoring that last one, I have found another new love.  And, admittedly, I only tried it because I saw it on Gossip Girl.  I’m weak minded and vulnerable to the power of subliminal messaging.

vw_multiv_preview_en_CA (I realized I forgot to add the link to the picture)

I tried vitamin water for the first time tonight and I’m hooked.  I tried the lemonade flavour (but there is a huge variety) and it is loaded with vitamins and minerals.  The flavour isn’t as intense as it would be if it was straight up lemonade, but it’s good.  Very good, actually.  Mostly because it’s sweetened with pure cane sugar, not some chemical, which is the number one factor that ruins most flavoured water.  Also, besides the vitamins and minerals, there are only four ingredients (water, sugar, citric acid and natural flavour).  There is only 120 calories in the 591mL bottle, so I didn’t feel like I’d chugged a keg of bacon grease when I was done. 

It also helped that “30 is the new 20” was written right on the bottle.  Bonus points there. (It’s my champagne birthday this year.)

Two hydrated thumbs up.


4 thoughts on “This is awesome, too

  1. Hmm sounds good but how much sugar is in it? I don’t know if you read my FB status about drinking the greens + but it was nauseatingly bad!! I was looking for a healthy way to boost my immune system since I seem to get every single little cold that’s going around. Maybe I will try your suggestion here!…along with a dark chocolate 100 calorie chocolate bar!

    • They have a flavour specifically for boosting your immunity. It’s called Defense and the flavour is raspberry-apple. It has vitamin c and zinc. I’ve been perrusing the website for a while and I can’t find the nutritional information. They sell them everywhere, pretty much, so next time you’re in a store, check out the bottle to see the sugar content. It wasn’t overly sweet, so I’m sure it’s no where near the sugar in a pop.

  2. I just finished a vitamin water. This particular one is “Passion Fruit Citrus” and has 25 g of sugars for the 591 ml bottle. A can of 7-UP, as a comparison, has 42 g of sugar for a 355 ml can.

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