Back off

I froze. 

Fight, flight or freeze, we were taught, are the most common reactions and I froze.  I always thought I’d be the fight kind of person, but apparently I’m a natural victim.  Barf and faint is what I often joked my reaction to any sort of life threatening situation would be, in my mind knowing I would fight.  Fight and win.  I guess being able to keep my food down is the only defensive skill I possess. 

That, and I have excellent punching and defensive kicking technique.  However, these are all but useless if I just freeze in a situation where such skills may prove useful.

I not only froze, but I was shaking with fear.

And I wasn’t even being attacked.

I was in a woman’s 101 self defence seminar run by Back Off Defense, hosted by Durham Mom’s Night Out.

The seminar was fantastic.  We learned proper punching and kicking techniques, defence against simple grabs, and that the most important thing to remember when being attacked is to escape.  By any means necessary.  The instructors were great; very down to earth, helpful, funny, and extremely qualified. 

I was fine while we practiced, paired up with another mom.  I think I even did quite well. 

Then came time for us to attack the big, scary, padded, would-be attacker.  I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t even stand up to take my turn.  I just stayed in my seat.

I froze. 

I froze and shook.

At the end of the seminar, we discussed doing 101 again in the winter, followed by 102.  We were all impressed and agreed we had gained a lot of useful information and now possess even an inkling of new-found confidence.  Taking 101 again will serve as a refresher for those who attended and will allow anyone who couldn’t attend to benefit from the basics.

I’m just hoping to work up to fight or flight.  Freezing should not be an option.


One thought on “Back off

  1. Hey from one fellow “Freeze Mommy” to another…I too always thought I would be a fighter, but alas I froze!!! I am hoping to be able to kick some “guy” butt the next time we takew the course!!!!

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