Changes. They are coming.

I’m bored.  Are you bored?  A little paint on the walls should help.  Maybe some new artwork?  The furniture definitely wants rearranging.

I’ll get to work on that.


I want more from this blog.  I want to be able to say more, to do more, to get more back.  I love writing about my kids, and I won’t ever stop doing that, but I have more to say.

So along with a new look, there will be new content.


I don’t know what I’m trying to do here; what I hope to achieve.  Maybe I want to be able to start conversations, as opposed to shouting my words into an empty room just to hear them echo.  Maybe I want to make more people laugh, because I like to think I can do that sometimes.  Maybe being more interesting will buy me more friends.  Maybe the pictures in my header are ancient and if I’m going to redesign my header, I might as well redesign MY LIFE the whole darn thing.

(Clue: the answer is D.  I think.)

Or maybe I’m just bored.  Are you bored?


2 thoughts on “Changes. They are coming.

  1. I just wanted to say that YES, you can definitely make people laugh. I visit your blog not only because I love kids! My kids goes without saying but also other peoples kids. Kids are cute and funny and provide good stories and I like reading about other peoples experience with parenthood. But, honestly the main reason I visit your blog is because your entries make me laugh! You are so witty and have a great style of writing. Keep it up!

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