Our colony of fun guys


A few days ago, we noticed these little guys in our backyard.  They started off small; barely a splattering of white specks in a sea of green grass.  They were cute, like a little subdivision of fungi homes was sprouting up in the middle of our yard.

Then they grew.  And they became more than just cute; they were fascinating. We would look at them every morning to see what changes happened over night.  We would check them out at dinner time to see what they’d been up to during the day.  Not much, just a bit of growth and expansion.  No big whoop.


Then they became an obsession.  Tonight, Eirinn and Avery both came in the house, ran full tilt past AH, straight to the back door to check on their progress.

I’m particularly spellbound by this adorable pair.


I have no idea why.



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