*  After three hours, searching five stores, AT NAP TIME, spending way too much money for outfits that will be worn once for two hours in the dark, the girls have Halloween costumes.  We decided on a pirate princess and Dorothy.  Upcoming craft project post – Dorothy’s ruby-red slippers.  I custom made myself a pair when I dressed up as Dorothy in college and will be recreating the technique for Eirinn.  Stay tuned.

*  Note to Avery: 6:10 is not the morning.  Sure, technically it’s in the A.M., but trust me.  It’s not yet morning until AFTER my alarm clock goes off.  Any wakings before that are just cruel and unusual punishment.  You used to be our little sleepy head; having to be woken up so I’d make it to work on time.  THAT WAS A GOOD THING.  Go back to doing that, k?  My eyes.  They burn.

*  Last year, AH went away for a week on business.  I was left at home with a toddler and a newborn and it was stressful and so hard, but we survived, as most people would.  He has to go away again this week for a night, which, at first, I thought would be a breeze compared to last year.  But wait a sec.  One distinct difference between last year and this.  I work now and require at least a half an hour of shower/makeup/dressing time.  Usually AH gets the girls up and supervises their goings-on while I ready myself.  I am a-scared.  I’m sure we’ll get through, and worse comes to worst I’ll just call into work stinky, ugly and naked sick.

*  We bumped into an old friend of AH’s at the grocery store and the two men were catching up on each other’s lives.  AH asked his friend what he did in his spare time, to which he replied “Nothing.  Hang out with my kids.  I don’t want to do anything else.  I love being a dad.”  How refreshing is that?


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