Bunch of no good lazies

I drive to work along the main corridor of our town.  The drive, on any normal day, should take less than five minutes.  Literally to get from my subdivision to my work, I make two turns.  Right, then right again.  So, understandably, it erks me to no end when this drive is stop-go-stop-go-STOP-OMGWTFJUSTGOALREADY!

En route, along the main corridor also happens to be a high school.  And where there’s a high school, there are lazy teenagers.  I’m not saying all teenagers are lazy.  I’m just saying that lazy teenagers exist and most teenagers go to high school, including the lazy ones.  But I’m pretty sure this high school has more than its fair share of Lazies because there were no less than 200 cars lined up in either direction to pull into the high school to drop their lazy teenagers off at the school.

Might I mention that in a town with less than 35,000 inhabitants, we have four high schools.  I would hazard an estimate of NEARLY EVERY FRIGGING STUDENT got a ride to school today.

It’s DRIZZLING, people.  Drizzling.  Light rain, according to The Weather Network.  Not even real rain.  Du-u-u-ude.  Try not to be so utterly and annoyingly lazy, will ya?

I can remember less than a handful of times I got a ride to high school.  The walk was 20-30 minutes, depending on the weather.  I walked myself to senior public school (grades 7 & 8 ) every day, which took easily 45 minutes on a good day.  The Lazies can’t even give a ball park figure like that these days, because they only walk when the sun is shining and the temperature is above freezing.

If it’s raining, bring an umbrella.  If umbrellas are “so not cool”, flip up your hood.  If it’s cold, bundle up, honey, you live in Canada.

Certainly, certainly, if you walked to school yesterday, you can walk to school today.


* Why don’t I walk to work, you ask?  Well, I have two small children that I have to get to daycare.  If I was getting the three of us ready in the morning, walking with them to daycare, dropping them off, then walking to work, I would have to wake up at approximately Middle of the Effing Night O’Clock.


4 thoughts on “Bunch of no good lazies

  1. I did not ask why you don’t walk to work because hello? It was RAINING, and as adults, WE HAVE DONE OUR TIME WITH THE WALKING IN CRAPTASTIC WEATHER ALREADY.

    Just sayin’.

  2. THANK YOU. Exactly. And these lazies have not put in their time. How are they ever going to appreciate anything in life if they get their mommies to drive them to school in the rain? The DRIZZLE, excuse me.

  3. Good God, I live in SC and it’s warm and pretty and quiet and great — and NO ONE walks anywhere. Took care of my friend’s three-year-old today. We walked to the park. The kid, I swear to God, had never been on a sidewalk. It was horrifying.

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