Follow up from TELETOON

Since I posted this, I’ve been in contact several times with TELETOON

They reviewed the episode of Johnny Test in question, and also read through the script.  The point during the episode where AH and I both heard Johnny call his dog a dumb ass, is written in the script as “don’t ask”.  Ok.  I can see how we would have misheard.  Say both out loud and there is a distinct similarity.

I’m relieved that AH and I misunderstood what was said and that cursing wasn’t actually written into the script.  Eirinn can once again watch Johnny Test without me worrying about what colourful language she’s learning.

In response to my concerns about the bedroom scene in Addams Family Values, TELETOON explained that shows aired after 6:00pm are intended for parents and children to view together, so that parents can use their own discretion.  Programming between the hours of 6:00am and 6:00pm is child friendly, 6:00pm to 9:00pm is for supervised viewing, and 9:00pm and later is for a mature audience.

I’m glad to have had that explained to me; I now know that I might need to choose a different channel during the evenings, but I shouldn’t be too worried about what is on during the day.  My only rebuttal is that I think switching to supervised viewing at 6:00pm is a little early.  Not that I would let Eirinn watch tv unsupervised at any time, but that sort of indicates to me that the programming is somewhat questionable; may be ok with some parents, may not be with others.  Maybe 8:00 would be a better time because those children still awake at that time may be old enough to watch something more mature, like what was shown during the movie.

And I’m not saying they have to stick with completely G rated shows the likes of which are shown on Treehouse.  I’m just saying that programs that have unquestionably coarse language, serious violence in live action movies, and sexual adult situations are definitely not suitable for any child, in my opinion.  (for your reference: Ontario Film Classification)

I made the suggestion to Anne, the representative from TELETOON, that there should be clear indication (by way of on-screen messaging) at their designated transition times (6:00pm and 9:00pm) that the following programming will not be suitable for some audiences.  I know they put those warning before specific shows (I believe; other channels do and I’m sure they would as well), but I think they should let parents know that the entire block of programming is meant for older audiences.  Also, a note on their website with the schedule would be helpful.

I’m not usually one to complain.  I’m generally the type that, if a waiter brought me the wrong meal, I would still eat it.  But I had to speak up this once.  When it concerns my kids, I’ll speak up and I’m glad I did. 

I learned that AH and I are apparently deaf. 

I learned that TELETOON is very diligent with complaints received. 

And I also learned to be more careful with what Eirinn is watching, even if I’m watching with her.

3 thoughts on “Follow up from TELETOON

  1. Actually, most people don’t use commas enough.

    They are to be used:

    To separate independent clauses joined by but, and, for, or, so, nor, or yet,

    After introductory clauses,

    In the middle of sentences to set off clauses,

    To separate items in a list,

    And in 5 or 6 more situations.

    I probably do occasionally use them incorrectly, but most of the time I’m pretty good.

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