Problem solved

I love when the solution is so simple.  I do not love when the solution is so simple and could have been solved days ago.

AH and I were discussing how frustrated we were with Avery’s extra early mornings.  How it’s the weirdest thing that all of a sudden she started waking up an hour earlier than usual.  How it couldn’t be the sound of people leaving for work because she woke up at the same time on the weekend, too.  How the poor thing was so grumpy from being sleep deprived.  How she wasn’t teething, wasn’t sick, wasn’t cold.

Cold?  Wait.  Cold sounded familiar.  Something…about…cold…

AH suddenly remembered that the exact day that Avery started waking up early coincidentally, mysteriously, just happened to be the very same day that he had changed the programmable thermostat to turn the heat on at, what time again?  Oh, yes.  5:30 a.m.

I sleep with earplugs in to drown out the snoring/dog licking/trains/rain/breathing that would otherwise keep me awake, so I haven’t heard that she actually has been waking up at 5:30, I just don’t hear her until she gets tired of waiting and starts yelling at 5:45.  AH had changed the setting because he thought she was waking up at the (previously viewed as) ungodly hour of 6:30 because she was getting cold.

My alarm clock, which is located precisely four feet and one wall away from her sleeping head, goes off at 6:30.  It’s set to a classical station, as quiet as it can go without being off, but it could possibly wake her up.  And then I get up and have my shower, which is located precisely one foot and one wall away from Eirinn’s sleeping head. 

In other words, there’s no point trying to keep the girls asleep after I have to get up.  It’s a losing battle.

So, yeah.  AH changed the setting on the thermostat back to 6:30 and guess what.  Avery slept until 6:30.

Problem solved.


4 thoughts on “Problem solved

  1. Boy you guys are light sleepers! Glad it was resolved. I put both of my kids to sleep for a nap in bassinettes in front of the TV speakers at a decent volume (not loud, but not whisper quiet) – trained them to sleep through anything. I however, wake up if my kids roll over in their beds … down the hall. Then I have a dreadful time getting back to sleep. I feel your pain.

  2. I’m an incredibly light sleeper. Unless I fall asleep in front of the tv; then I can sleep through anything! But at night, in bed, I wake up at any slight noise. That’s why I have started wearing earplugs again (I wore them before we had the girls, but stopped so I could hear them if they wake).

    The girls are usually pretty good sleeping through noise. We have UFC parties and Guitar Hero jam sessions without so much as a peep from them. But I think it’s just that time of the morning, when their bodies are getting ready to wake up, coming out of the deepest part of sleep. It’s like the tiny, extra noise nudges them over the edge.

  3. As someone who actually owns a hearing protection and sleep related products business, it is not uncommon for our customers to ask for help in simialr situations to that discribed above.

    If it helps I would recommend playing some soft music for your daughters as we have found that really helps. Also, regarding the ear plugs, take it from me that investing in more custom ear plugs is really worth it in the long run.

    This does not need to be expensive either as you can pick up soft silicone ear plugs for under 3 pounds from ebay etc.

    Regards. Nick.

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