Hidden within the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet…

Confession:  I just opened my second bag of Halloween candy and it’s not even Halloween yet.  And this is just at work. 

By my calculations, I have consumed approximately 57.6 grams of fat in chocolate alone in the past 5 business days.

Related Confession#1:  I refuse to eat Smarties without first sorting them by colour, then lining them up in rows of colour starting with the smallest quantity and finishing with the largest.  I then eat the extras until each colour row has an equal number of Smarties.  Then I eat the ones closest to me first.  Every.  Time.  This is The Way Smarties Are Eaten.

Related Confession #2:  Kit Kats are meant to have their chocolatey ends bit off first.  Leaving that glorious chunk of extra chocolate until the end is sacrilege.

Related Confession #3:  Aeros are best left to melt on your tongue, one section at a time.

Hindsight is 20/20:  If I had bought the bag of Smarties only, and not the variety pack, I could have saved myself 27.6 grams of fat.  My butt wishes my brain would get its act together.


3 thoughts on “Hidden within the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet…

  1. Ummm, you are missing the all important Coffee Crisp!!!!!!! What is your OCD…I mean method for eating those?

    I don’t know if I can even describe how I eat smarties. I suck off the colour, then I put the smartie (using my tongue) between my teeth so that it is vertical and gently bite it so one side of the candy coating shell comes off easily with no chocolate attached. I then crunch that between my teeth (with the other half waiting in my cheek). Then I eat the chocolate which comes out easily with the tongue leaving the last candy coating shell to crunch on at the end.

    You are not alone my friend!

  2. That’s Sacrilege Jen! Coffee Crisps must .. and when I say must, I mean must! have their top part (before the delicious thick bubbly centre) bitten off – preferably in one piece, followed by the bottom piece and then you eat the gooey creamy bubbly centre last in little nibbles as the deliciousness melts in your mouth and on your tongue …mmm 😉

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