H1N1 – we tried, then we left

I’m all out of vacation and lieu time, so I bundled up all my breaks for the whole week and left work at 3 yesterday to stand in line for our H1N1 vaccine.  AH is part of one of the identified high risk groups, so he got an hour to get his.  We got the girls from my mom’s, dressed them in arm-accessible clothing, packed a bag of toys, snacks and drinks, and prepared Eirinn by telling her we were getting “medicine to make us not get sick”.

We had no misconceptions about how busy the clinics would be on the first day.  We knew we were in for hours of waiting.  Waiting with no tv, no real food, having to keep the girls fairly happy, and trying not to bother the rest of the crowd with their obnoxiously loud voices.

We arrived to see cars parked up and down the highway and cross street, spilling into the parking lots of surrounding businesses, vacant lots, other people’s driveways.

The line weaved around the building, through the parking lot, and onto the road.

Photo of crowd waiting for their vaccine*


Luckily we had Barack Obama’s inauguration speech to entertain us. **

It was cold and raining and the kids (Eirinn…I’m looking at you) were miserable and horrible and disagreeable and gah.  The girls were in shirts and sweatshirts and rain coats, but they were so cold.  AH and I were still in our work clothes; up-casual business attire and wool dress coats.  In other words, we were not prepared for the weather.

After waiting an hour, a nurse came around to the back of the line (which was exactly where we were standing) to announce the wait time.  Another four hours.  Bully.  It was 4:30 already, we were hungry, wet, cold, frustrated by the people who were clearly not high risk standing ahead of us ***, and I had a v. important dinner to get to (whazzup DMNO ladies?).


So we left.


The End.


* Not really.  I took pictures on my camera phone.  Unfortunately I am completely, utterly, hopelessly cellphone retarded and the pictures will be forever stuck on my phone for no one to see.  So I googled “large crowds of people” and got a picture of the President’s inauguration.  The crowd was of a comparable size, so I thieved it.

** We actually had a pile of stinky rotting leaves as our entertainment.  Oh, and a mud puddle the size of a swimming pool.  Fun times.

*** What is with the giant, flaming, tool bags who so obviously are not one of the clearly defined high risk groups getting in line ahead of young children and elderly and those with poor health?  Those pissants can suck it.  YOU SUCK, PISSANT!


31 thoughts on “H1N1 – we tried, then we left

    • Dedeej – I stole the picture from The Internets by googling “large crowds of people”. The only picture that truly captured the essence of the vast gathering of pandemic fearing people was one of Mr. Obama’s inauguration. Not that the inauguration was a pandemic, but it had approximately the same sized crowd, in my estimation.

  1. Wow, that’s a HUGE line if that picture be true. I don’t blame you for leaving.

    I’ve been living under a cave regarding this issue. I didn’t even realize that vaccine was now available for H1N1…
    I hope it becomes more accessible and more in supply asap.

  2. People arne’t getting your joke of Obamas speach and the lines for the shots are they? Haha.

    I’m not even sure I’m going to get the shot, honestly. It seems like a but load of hype to me, when really, more people have died this year because of the regular flu than H1N1.

    I can see this making it’s way into thriller type movies in the future… 😀

    • I agree, Katelyn. There’s an incredible amount of hype. I think, for me, the only differences are that they, for once, know the exact strain the flu shot is targetting and that this strain seems to show no rhyme or reason to who it is affecting the worst.

      And, thank you for getting my sarcasm!

  3. Poor you, no TV, no food … I just wonder where you found courage to get out of your home anyway. I still hope that you didn’t forget to take a galon of water with you, otherwise you would all die of dehydration … 🙂

  4. Oink, oink. I was laughing really hard until some buffoon hacked on me in the Safeway. H1N1 is most assuredly taking up residence in my body right about now. I actually live in DC and saw testy people grumbling in line for hours. Apparently they have like four doses and nine million people want immunity. This makes for volatile interactions between the shot givers and the shot takers. This is kind of like that scene in that asteroid movie where they have to choose who gets to go live in the cave safely avoiding the end of the world, and the rest of the poor suckers who get to die a grisly painful death. Yay!

  5. I can so relate! I’ve had my share of standing in long miserable lines with hungry, cold and disgruntled children. Talk about a perfect incubator for the flu bug, standing in that line. And it wasn’t even the opening of a really big block buster film or the line at Disneyland for It’s A Small World. You have my sympathies.

  6. How can you tell if someone if high risk or not? Are you able to tell if someone has a chronic disease that makes their immune system deficent or if they have asthma by their hairstyle? Clue me in to your secret so I can use it in other aspects of my life!

  7. Stood in line 4 hours, in the rain, without a readily available toilet, with minimal snacks and zero entertainment aside from the mud and the wet leaves and the barbed wired fence we couldn’t climb so that my girls could get innoculated. Get to go back in a few weeks and do it alllll over again so that my 4 year old can get her 2nd dose. Sounds like the opposite of fun, yes?

    I was also wondering what, aside from a staunch need to be “good,” was stopping me from claiming asthma or “high risk” and getting mine out of the way as there was no way to prove that I wasn’t pregnant, a care-giver for a child under 6 months old/the elderly, or any of the other guidelines. Ooooh yeah, the very idea that a child could possibly DIE because *I* didn’t want to be inconvenienced.

  8. I hope you didnt catch the flu while standing in the queue in the cold.
    I dont even thing of getting my dose. each year more people die on the normal flu. I never catched that. so why should I be concerened with this weaker form of a flu.

    Have you looked at the stock exchange for Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline ? Both shares went up 50% since January this year. Guess what they produce…doses…dozens of doses…dozes of dozes of dozes …
    So why do you think there is this push to make everyone gets its dose?…

  9. I really like your writing style. And I think you make several good points.

    Speaking of high risk, I hear that in some states, prison inmates have been given H1N1 shots in priority over the public. Then today I caught a headline that says some shots may end up as surplus and go unused. If curious about that, google it and see if you can find it, too. I think it was on FOX News but I didn’t bother to go look.

    I still haven’t decided if I’m going to try to get an H1N1. As far as I know I’ve never had a flu shot in my whole life, although I may have had some when I was younger that I no longer remember. I’m still not sure how to make an informed decision regarding whether I need one or not.

    At least I don’t think I’m in a high risk group and I’m pretty sure I’m not in jail. If they really do have surplus maybe I’ll wait until spring and go dumpster diving.

  10. You know, millions of people is taking this vaccine.
    they even set up Swine Flu Stations around Canada to give vaccine to people.
    I wonder… if there was a mistake in the vaccination, what the consequences would be… 😛 (touch wood)
    I’m not going to take the vaccination, even though swine flu is very contagious, 95% of the people who get it survive and the 5% is mostly infants, elders and pregnant woman.

  11. Do NOT feel bad about missing that vaccine for your children! Check out what Dr. Mercola has to say about it, do a Google search on him. Even Dr. Oz’s kids aren’t getting it! I will not be mislead and pumped full of stuff (mercury) etc. All the media hype is scaring people.

  12. I would really like to know how a 13 year old athlete can die from the flu?!! what the medicals or his family or he(the victim) has don wrong?!!!!!

  13. Australia has just gone through this scare during our winter. It seems to me that a mass inoculation is a justification for using up the vaccine that millions of dollars have been spent to develop. Wouldn’t this money be better spent on supporting those who develop complications from what most people experience as a mild form of the flu?

  14. I believe, if what I read was right, that H1N1 affects on younger people more than older ones, especially on the teenagers. The stronger immune system you have, the more affected you would get from this flu.

    The picture is…………….. er………… what happened after?

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