Dear Oprah,

Thank you for my new pair of boots, purse, scarf, and earrings.  My feet, shoulder, neck and ears think you’re the awesomest.  They’re going to be so comfy and in style.  They’re not used to that kind of treatment (and don’t get used to it, you four).  Even though I don’t watch you and think you’re a bit annoying in a pretentious, half-listening-to-your-guests-because-they’re-not-nearly-rich-enough-to-matter sort of way, you’re still awesome-ish.  It’s because of you and your show’s ability to propogandize the entire north-western hemisphere that I got a complete accessory makeover at 50% off.  Now, that is awesome-licious.

And, please, tell that cute little Christian Siriano dude that he’s wicked awesome, too.  ‘Cause he is. 


Jen O.

P.S. I guess I should also thank you for the pairs of boots for the girls, too.  They are why I went in the first place.


2 thoughts on “Dear Oprah,

  1. I think I hate Oprah.
    They don’t pay me enough to work that hard.
    Although I did drop half of my paycheck on stylish goodies for myself too!

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