Eirinn @ dentist

A few weeks ago, I took Eirinn with me to the dentist.  It was my appointment, but I wanted her to see what it was like to have your teeth examined.  Other than the doctor over a year ago, she’s never had an appointment of her own, and the dentist, I’ve heard, can be a scary one to start with.  But she’s 3 1/2 years old and it’s time she got her teeth checked.  I thought if she saw me being examined, she’d know exactly what happens, that it isn’t scary, and that you get presents if you behave yourself.  Always an important lesson.

She had been complaining about having a cavity, but I couldn’t see anything.  It’s probably just a new word she heard and wanted to be able to use it.  But, just to be safe, I made her her very own appointment. 

So Eirinn had her very first dentist visit last Tuesday.  I was nervous for her because she’s not very open to new things.  Especially new things involving strangers poking around inside her mouth with metal spiky tools.  But, despite my concerns, she opened when she was asked to open, answered questions instead of giving her usual snark-face, and was so cute that the other hygenists came out to the hall to watch her walk into the exam room.

I was completely surprised by how well she behaved, especially considering the boy in the exam room next to us was screaming his head off at AHHH!!!  FLOURIDE!!!

The dentist has always been fun for me, for some reason.  I’ve had more than my fair share of dental surgery, gum removal, veneers, crowns, stitches, broken teeth.  I’ve had procedures done sans freezing, despite the recommendation, because the needle was worse than what was being done.  I enjoy laying back, having my teeth cleaned and scraped and prodded, getting to pick the colour of toothbrush at the end.  My dental office doesn’t give paraffin wax hand dips or foot massages, like I’ve heard others do, but it’s nice and I enjoy my appointments.  Of my growing list of fears, the dentist has yet to make me nervous, but I was worried it might scare Eirinn, given the newness of the experience.

But she did so well.  She was told she had surprisingly beautiful teeth, that we were taking very good care of them, and that she had 20, which is the amount she should have.  She got a Disney Princess toothbrush, lip balm, and she got to pick her very own treat from a toy basket (she chose a lip gloss necklace).  I was absolutely overwhelmed with pride and if I had emotions (which I don’t), I would have teared up.  I teared up on the inside.  That’s where us Vulcans do our emoting.


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