Fun with widgets – a quiz

For giggles and to get into the spirit of Christmas a full 52 days ahead of time, I’ve changed the titles of all my widgets to paraphrased quotes from Christmas movies.

Can you name all the movies?  I’ve used 5 different movies, 4 of them very popular and super easy to guess.  The 5th is more of a challenge.



3 thoughts on “Fun with widgets – a quiz

  1. Im pretty sure i know all things christmas movie related, and i cant figure out the sausage gravy one…ima imdb it

    i just yelled “the blessing” at eirinn this morning cause she kept saying what? what? christmas movie quotes are relevant all year round. “Im singing…Im in a store and Im singing…”

    • Definitely. Christmas quotes are like whipped cream. They make anything better. Even hot dogs. I’ll fill you in on the sausage gravy quote tonight. It’ll be like an Oprah Aha! moment.

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