Hanging my head in shame as all street cred is ripped from my blog, thanks to this very post

I’ve never posted pictures of babies other than my own for reasons including, but not limited to: 1) mine are the cutest, 2) no one wants to see other babies because everyone thinks their babies are the cutest even though they’re wrong because mine are, in fact, the cutest, 3) cute picture posts are stupid and boring and fake blogs posts pretending to be real blog posts and only complete losers to the Cat Lady-th degree would seriously post pictures of cute babies thinking people would be interested, and 4) mine are the cutest, anyway, so why waste everyone’s time.

But, seriously.  The only thing cuter than this:


is this:


and my new favourite thing in the whole world, next to this:


is this:

AP Ireland Rhino

You win, Baby Rhino on the Run!  My babies are officially de-throned and I crown you The Cutest Baby In The World, Ever. 

And while I have a long-running love affair with guinea pigs (in the “awww, look how cute….I WANT TO BUY HIM AND KEEP HIM FOREVER AND LOVE HIM LIKE A PERSON, sort of way), I’ve made the executive decision to divorce guinea pigs and marry BABY RHINO ON THE RUN.  Guinea pigs won’t be too upset because we’ve been legally separated since 2002, so I’m pretty sure he won’t give me any grief.

But, seriously.  That Baby Rhino on the Run?  I WANT TO BUY HIM AND KEEP HIM FOREVER AND LOVE HIM LIKE A PERSON.

p.s. It’s slow at work today, can you tell?  Work is lucky I’m the type of person to google “cute baby animals” and not something different entirely.

p.p.s. Just so we’re clear – I wrote this post today on break.  SRSLY.  Ask my co-worker.  She’ll tell you I didn’t step away from my desk once today.  Not even to pee.  I’m not even going to get into how I accomplished that.

p.p.p.s. Can we pretend this whole post didn’t happen?  The stupid, cheesy pictures.  The admitting I did this at work.  The over-use of the word “seriously”.  The peeing without leaving my desk.  The whole thing was a mistake.

p.p.p.p.s. I could just not hit “publish”…oh, well.  Too late.


6 thoughts on “Hanging my head in shame as all street cred is ripped from my blog, thanks to this very post

    • Thank you, Steamy (may I call you Steamy?). Thank you for a) reading this embarrassment of a blog post all the way to the bunny picture at least, and b) making me laugh so hard at the thought of a happy clappy bunny flax seed eye pillow while drinking my tea that I (no, I didn’t spray it all over my computer screen) feel like vomitting. It might be from the Halloween candy I just gorged on like a Fat Kid, but I think it was because of the laughing. Maybe both. We’ll never know.

  1. your pictures are cute and all but you didn’t post any of the “tea cup piggies” … google them, they’re all the rage in England right now…

  2. Beware the bunny. Clap sweet bunny, clap! Sorry, I honestly feel you have lost no street cred as it takes balls of steel to be so forthright about the love of baby animals. So pat yourself on the back for taking the plunge and know that everyone stands in line behind you applauding your courage. After baby rhino most people were rendered unable to make snarky comments anyway, it’s that cute.

  3. You could start a serious kerfuffle with the FU Penguin guy who spends all day blogging about his palpable hatred of cute disarming animal photos. He’s REALLY (although it’s probably a gimmick) angry at this perceived threat to human defenses. Then he went and wrote a book and got rich and famous for just this very thing. Me thinks you can pen the companion book to offer up the very fluffy and warm rebuttal to all that bluster!

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