A disappointingly undramatic conclusion

Full disclosure: Opinions welcome, judgements will be deleted.  Troll-bots will be exterminated.

Reminder: Keywords that might attract judgemental little troll-bots are spelled phonetically.  Spellcheck already called me an idiot; you don’t have to.

For kicks, I drove by the aych one en one clinic after work yesterday to see what the line up sitchyashun was.  There was no one outside, so I parked and went inside.  I was met by a small group of people, maybe 5 or 6, waiting to be vacksinated.  I called AH to have him meet me there and I left and picked up the girls. 

We only waited about 20 minutes, indoors, gave our relevant information, which is apparently EVERYTHING.  I was very firm in telling AH and the public health nurse and the nurse in the station beside ours that I did not want to get a vackseen.  I had heard that they were running out of this week’s supply and I, being the only one in my family not a part of one of the priority groups, didn’t want to take a dose that could go to someone who needs it more than me.  All three of them insisted I get it.  When I persisted, the public nurses assured me that our clinic is not running low and because AH works in the health care field, he could bring the virus home with him.  So we all got the vacksinashun. 

Eirinn was mostly concerned with the stickers she saw being dangled like carrots for the kids, specifically the timing of receiving said stickers.  When it was her turn, I distracted her by getting her to pick her sticker.  Her reaction to the needle?  “ow.”  Doesn’t even warrant a capital o.  She didn’t even realize what was happening and she got her sticker and everyone was happy.

Avery was almost as unfazed by the whole deal.  She watched, so she was a little more nervous, but when the needle went in, she gave a similar “ow”, followed by the lamest “ah” in the history of complaints.

Done.  In and out within an hour.  No big whoop. 

Post Script: For being such a big, brave girl, Eirinn got to pick dinner.  She has an incredibly distinguished palate, so she chose Pogos.  Wicked awesome.


4 thoughts on “A disappointingly undramatic conclusion

  1. What is going ON that you have to spell these words phonetically? It blows my mind how crazy people are getting over this.

    And I just read your “Do something” post and then the whole article you linked to, and I’m all shaky with good samaritan angst. I wish something bad would happen right now so I could stop it. I meant that sincerely but now that I’ve typed it, I see how silly that sounds.

    • Steamy, my last aych one en one post resulted in a flood of new readers (yay!) and one death wish (boo!). I decided then and there that if I ever need to write about aych one en one again, I would try my best to avoid evil, sociopath troll-bots by not giving them anything google-able.

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