Saturday night’s alright for fighting


Yesterday was hard.  Kids were rotten, mood was sour.  Once the kids went to bed, the feet went up and didn’t hit the floor until bedtime.



Tattoos are to MMA fighters like Lamborghini’s are to middle-aged men.  They’ve got something to prove.  Like whoever has the bigger, badder, and the most tats is clearly the toughest opponent.  If only in their own minds.



Hockey @ commercials – AH: “blah blah blah these two somebodies are playing really good (or not) blah blah blah.”  Me: “Dude.  You are wasting your breath.” 



Bossy doesn’t like watching grown men kick each other in the face.  Sissy.



Creepiest commercial in the history of the world.  Man made out of chocolate snaps off his own nose to sprinkle over the hot girls’ drinks.  WTF, Axe?  Ease up on the pharmaceuticals next marketing meeting, k?



Geraldo pursued a new career path.  His previous experience with broken noses on national television makes him more than qualified.



This guy’s an anus.  He walks in to Blur’s Song 2, for God’s sake.  He’s the type to Google himself, so I hope he reads this.  Bisping, you’re a corn hole.



Will somebody, for the love of Jesus, tell me where to find coasters?  I mean, seriously.  Cats?  Nine lazy cats hogging all the good couch space?  We don’t even own a cat, let alone condone the collecting of such beasts.






Don’t worry, a couple of minutes later he was wishing he stayed in school.



The Mortal Combat reject won.  Can you spell apocalypse?  No, seriously, can you?  ‘Cause I needed spellcheck right there.  Anywhoodle, this guy, the best Canadian fighter ever and, arguably the best fighter today, GSP y’all, will stuff him the first chance he gets.



Mike Goldberg is a close talker.  He wants to kiss Joe Rogan on the mouth.  He says so with his eyes.



Win, lose, or draw, you’ve gotta give this guy credit.  Eighty seven years old and he’s still hobbling into the octagon to *SPOILER ALERT* teach these young whipper snappers some manners.



This guy loves his job.  “IIIIIIIT’S TIIIIIIIME!”  I can imagine him talking like that at home. “HONEEEEEEY, THIS POTROAST IIIIIIIIIS DEEEEELICIOUS!!!”



Godspeed, old man.  Crush the punk.



And so he did.  Questionably, might have even been a pity win, but that doesn’t show up on the scorecards.


12 thoughts on “Saturday night’s alright for fighting

        • Ooooo…them’s fightin’ words. I’ll admit wrestling is not real. I think it’s been decades since it even pretended to be real. But UFC? Completely real. The athletes are highly trained, highly skilled mixed martial artists, meaning they are masters at a variety of disciplines – greco roman wrestling, jiu jitsu, boxing, etc. Not a real sport…bah. Sounds like someone who hasn’t given it a chance.

  1. And that commercial was disgusting, but not as bad as the one where the guy’s armpits are showering everyone with sweat. I couldn;t watch that one, it was making me gag.

  2. Jen, Is there anyway you can change the “wordpress Tracey face” … I’m with Tracey… she doesn’t do that when she is angry…she stomps her foot and wants to be a princess

  3. you forgot one important point, Jen, men-in-speedos! well, shorts anyway – nice to look at but waaaayyyy tooo much testosterone! 😉

  4. Although i will admit it’s sweet when you see two guys lying on the floor cuddling and hugging each other … gives me hope for mankind !

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