Alien brain monster baby egg sacs

I totally meant to ask this months ago, but the photos got lost in amongst the millions of photos of the chitlins.  And then, last night, when I was stumbling around the computer in a bored, desperate stooper, I remembered I had them at the exact same moment as I found them and opened them and thought “WTF is that?  Oh, yeah, it’s…wait…WTF is that?”

So, please tell me, Internets, W.  T.  F  is this?

We saw it from the boat on my parent’s lake.  Well, my parents don’t own the lake, they just live there on weekends in the summer.  I’m pretty sure if anyone owned it it would be Ed Robertson from The Barenaked Ladies because he has a cottage there and he’s sort of famous, right?  Regardless, whoever owns this lake should know that aliens are leaving their brains in the water to breed with unsuspecting dead trees.  It might not have been an alien brain, but I’m pretty sure it was.  Whatever it is was stuck to a fallen tree.  Or hanging on to a fallen tree.  Or sucking the life blood out of a fallen tree.  I don’t know what it was doing to that poor fallen tree, but I can tell you I was glad it was him and not me.

And you know?  It got creepier and grosser and more…alien brain-like the closer we got.

It was probably some sort of egg sac from a giant freshwater squid or the Loch Baptiste Monster or whatever, but it should try looking less like scary alien brains and more like cute monster baby eggs if it doesn’t want me to smash it with an oar to rid the world of its horrendousness.  Just a piece of advice, stupid alien brain monster baby egg sac.  Smarten up and stop scaring the tourists.


7 thoughts on “Alien brain monster baby egg sacs

  1. Hi Jenny
    Great pictures. I have sent them to a friend of mine who is a research diver. I am sure she will be able to identify this or know someone who can.

    • did you ever find out what kind of egg sac this was? I was hiking this past weekend and saw something like that….I thought it was alien as well or loche ness like…..just curious if you found out anything on it. 🙂

  2. I know it is years after this post but I have been wondering for a long time what on earth these things were. I ended up finding this discussion before I found my answer so I decided to come back and answer what on earth these weird alien brain things are… Phylactolaemata!!!! My father too lives on a lake and we found these over a decade ago and had no idea what they were, but after today while fishing we caught a stick fish at the lake and upon removing the branch from the lake a Phylactolaemata mass fell off the branch and splattered into a clear puddle of jelly.. I just had to go find out what on earth they were..

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