Santa Claus Parade of aught nine

Look at them!  They’re sharing popcorn!  And they’re not abusing each other physically, emotionally or verbally!  Take a picture!  Oh, I already did.  Good.

I love small town parades.  I especially love small town parades when we have a front row view.  Suckers.

DMNO ladies?  You’re welcome.

The good thing about living in a town with a zoo is the parading of the big game.  The dude at the end with the wheelbarrow probably wishes the big game were smaller.  And ate less fibre.

Small, medium, and large.

Duct tape use #1,982 – Assembling Christmas floats.

This was a Lego candy cane- eating dinosaur.  What?  Can’t you tell?

Honestly, I’m not sure why this struck me as hilarious. 

Ohhh…these guys were the filler.  Yes, I agree.  Best.  Also?  Most humongous.

I need me a Sock Monkey hat.  I would have jumped onto the float and ripped it from this boy’s head, but that wouldn’t have been setting a good example for the girls.

“I like the Wizard of Oz.  I like the Tin Man.”  Name that movie.

Bagpipe bands.  When I was a kid, I used to hate them.  Sounded like someone lit a cat on fire and was putting it out with a rake.  Now, they’re my favourite part of a parade.

Big Game Hunters stalking their prey.  Unfortunately for them, their prey has stuck on a funny hat and is blending in quite nicely.

There’s the man of the hour.

Suspicious and Suspiciouser.  #1 still doesn’t like his face.  #2 doesn’t know what all the fuss it about.


3 thoughts on “Santa Claus Parade of aught nine

  1. We were at the parade as well. Those Care Bear costumes have to go!! They are sooooo old that there is barely anything left to them. They are so creepy too! I was like “Look Aleah, it’s….nevermind, look at that dog instead”. I didn’t want to warp her innocent view of the Bears that Share.
    Also, when I was a kid, I was all “Hi Santa, hi Santa!!” as I frantically waved to him. My kids as well as the 4 cousins they were with just starred and seemed unimpressed with him. “Aleah, yell hello to Santa!” “No, I don’t want to” she says. Hmmm, kids these days!

  2. I know! I was totally more excited than the girls. I was like “dude, you talk to Santa like he was Jesus. THERE’S YOUR JESUS! Show a little respect.” But she was like, meh, whatever. He didn’t have candy canes. The kids handing out candy canes were more exciting. It was like reverse Halloween. They sat there and the candy came to them.

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