Getting Santa in my corner

You should do this:

Fill in some information about your child, send it across the Interwebs to the real  Santa, and he’ll email you a video, personalized to your child.

Trust me.  If you want to see pure, unadulterated amazement and wonder in your child’s eyes, do this.  Last year I had one made for Eirinn and I swear her eyes popped out of her face.  Literally.  Using Santa as bribery (or a threat – “Eat your dinner, or I’m calling Santa!” Are we bad parents because we actually have “called Santa” many times, just to make sure he saw what she did?  Probably.) works a charm, but it almost certainly seals your child’s undying devotion to good behaviour if they’ve seen proof that Santa really is watching.

I just finished doing this year’s video.  I can’t wait to show her and Avery.  I’ve got a list of chores for them to do, starting with the laundry, and I need Santa’s reinforcement to ensure it gets done in a timely fashion.


4 thoughts on “Getting Santa in my corner

  1. Thanks for posting a link, I did this last year with Jaxson and he LOVED it!! I tried to find it this year and couldn’t remember the website. Thanks 🙂

  2. hehehe, okay I just did it and Aleah loved it! She loved how he knew her age and that she was from Ontario. However, I picked that I wanted her to know how Santa know who’s naughtey and who’s nice. Did you see the answer?? Well apparently his elves are perverted little peeping Toms who come and spy on little children through their windows!!! What!! Too funny! I always told Aleah that Santa is magic and that’s how he knows. I didn’t tell her creepy little men with pointy ears spy on her! LOL!

    • I did that one last year. Yeah. Creepy.

      This year I chose to learn about whether or not Santa eats all the cookies that kids leave out. Apparently, he does. Although, Santa is horrible at math and perspective and thinks that if he eats all of the cookies left out for him, he’s only eaten thousands of cookies. Dude. At least 2 cookies times infinity kids equals a few more than thousands of cookies. Also, he apparently starves himself all year so he has enough room to eat the cookies. Lessons on binging and purging – never too early.

  3. My kids were positively awe-struck when I played their videos for them. They did get a laugh over the fact that Santa repeated himself a bit in the second video. “He already said that! Silly Santa.” I told them sometimes people repeat themselves when they get older…grandma calls things like that “seniors moments”.

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