I think my math was a little off

Total daily recommended calories for weight maintenance:

1626 (according to this calorie calculator)

Consumed at Red Lobster:

  • One (1) greasy biscuit
  • A starter salad with Balsamic vinaigrette (minus the tomatoes and red onions)
  • A Create Your Own Feast with three (3) selections, instead of the usual two (2) – Walt’s Favourite Shrimp, fried scallops, garlic shrimp.  Plate licked clean except for three (3) of Walt’s Favourite Shrimp (Walt can have them back) and the mashed potatoes (okay, maybe I took one bite of the potatoes)
  • One (1) glass of chocolate milk (yes, I’m six years old)

Total approximate calories:

1623 (according to this calculator)

Length of time spent on the Wii Fit doing sweat-inducing, energy-sapping, back-breaking exercise:

23 minutes

Total calories burned:



Um…what?  I specifically ate three times my normal dinner portion because I was under the impression that I could come home, work my saggy, dimply butt off on the Wii and all will balance out.  Clearly, something went wrong.

Also clearly – I did not work out the calories contained within my meal before I ordered it and certainly not while I was ramming it into my gourd and definitely not afterwards when I was eyeballing the dessert menu, forgoing a delicious looking apple crisp with ice cream (which would have added an additional 1143 calories to the tally) only because we had to get home to pick up the girls.

I don’t think I’m doing this “getting in shape” thing right.


3 thoughts on “I think my math was a little off

  1. Hmm, might have actually been able to burn more calories chewing your food really fast?? Maybe I shouldn’t bother getting a Wii myself.

    • Good point! I did chew really fast! Oh, wait. Mostly I just sucked it back, not chewing so I could get more in, faster.

      And the Wii was totally fun and I’m glad I at least did some sort of activity after that meal. If I didn’t have the Wii, I would have just laid on the couch all night burning zero calories.

  2. nice! I got the Godfather, Goodfellas, and American Gangster…Scarface? Vic Vega and Frank Costello’s bugging me, tip of my tongue…ughhhh, not as well versed in mobster movies as I thought…

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