Apparently it’s also offensive. Sorry ’bout that. Look! Cute babies!

Before I show you my seasonal OCD incarnate, let me clarify something: coloured lights on MY tree are forbidden.  They, however, look fabulous on yours, and I’m not just saying that.  I also didn’t put “fabulous” in italics to be sarcastic or mocking in any way, I meant it so you could hear the inflection of enthusiasm in my words.  I like white lights on my tree and I like coloured lights on your tree.  Unless you like white lights, too, in that case I like white lights on my tree and your tree.  Either way, your tree isn’t at all stupid looking and your decorations are brilliantly accentuated by your illumination decision and it’s the prettiest tree, evah.

Summary: My tree is the only tree that I expect to abide by my rules.  You go ahead and make up your own rules for your own tree.  I like mine with white lights.


Eirinn decorating, before she realized I was taking pictures. You can tell because she isn't standing with her hand on her hip and her tongue sticking out.

Avery doing it all wrong. She knows it and loves that it's driving me crazy.

Ta Da! Three little trees. Beautiful after some minor adjustments post-bedtime.

Naughty Avery trying to pick off Rudolph's nose. She doesn't buy the whole "Santa's always watching" schtick.

The girls being "candid" after I explained what "candid" is.

My beautiful red, blue, purple and silver living room. The tree matches the wreath matches the curtains...what? Didn't I mention that the decorations match the decor? 'Cause they do. Pay no attention to the dead baby (doll) in the corner. She had too much egg nog.


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