Saturday afternoon

There are fewer in the box now than when this picture was taken.

After Eirinn’s dance class was over, the two of us drove to Tim Horton’s to bring home deep-fried, sugar-coated lunch. 

The two girls were back to being sorta friends, so I sat on the couch reading a book, trying to keep my eyes propped open.  They were (are) burning from The Tired; a side effect of being up at quarter to seven after foolishly staying up watching the entire archive of MamaPop Video Roundtables.  I don’t know why I did that and I regret it now, if only because it was totally something that did NOT have to be accomplished at midnight the night before it was my turn to get up with the girls.

Now Avery is having a nap (jealous…) and Eirinn is surfing the Interwebs (in front of me, completely supervised, on one particular child-friendly site). 

I’d dare to nap, too, if I didn’t know for a fact that the moment I fell asleep, Avery would wake up. 


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