Saturday morning

Matching robes, matching plush chairs (pink princess for Eirinn, purple Tinkerbell for Avery), matching lap desks (pink for Eirinn, purple for Avery), matching erasable crayons, matching activity books, matching adorableness.

You’d think having virtually identical EVERYTHING, we could avoid fights.  Not at all.  There’s always someone who starts something just to stir stuff up.  That someone, nine times out of ten, is Avery.  She’s my Widdle Debil. 

Not that Eirinn takes it laying down.  She’ll shiv you if you look at her the wrong way.  She’s my Crazy Lady.

But then there are times, however rare they may be, when I can see a glimmer of hope.  Like right now, right this very minute as I’m writing this, when they’re upstairs in their playroom, together.  No one’s yelling.  No one is getting hurt.  No one is stealing anything from the other person.

Oh.  Nevermind.  There it is. 

Well, I got five minutes of peace.  That’s more than most days.


7 thoughts on “Saturday morning

  1. our girls got the same robe/jammie set for christmas. Lexy has the pink princesses and Caity has the purple Tinkerbell. Even though Caity’s is a size 4, the little robe tie isn’t big enough to go around her. They need to be longer, but they are nice and warm!

    • My brother-in-law got them for the girls for Christmas. I think he said he got them at Home Depot or Lowe’s or Rona or one of those big box home improvement stores. I’m pretty sure you can get something similar at Toys R Us or Walmart, but I’ve never looked specifically for them, so I’m not positive. The girls love them!

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