It happened to us.

credit: Associated Press

This is my neighbourhood.  This is your neighbourhood.

 This is my home.  This is your home.

This is my son.  This is your son.


 This is my daughter.  This is your daughter.

 This is me.  This is you.


We should live our lives always thinking “What if it were me?  What if it were my child?”  Most of us, thankfully, will never have to experience something like this first hand.  The people of Haiti are dealing with an unimaginable horror for the second time in as many years.  For those who have survived, they have lost everything. 

Even when it seems like we don’t have anything to give, we still have so much.  If you can, please do.

Canadian Red Cross


Salvation Army

World Vision Canada

The Humanitarian Coalition

The Government of Canada will match our donations, dollar for dollar, and every dollar counts.


all photos: Associated Press


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