The Lovely Bones

I saw The Lovely Bones last night. 

That was a big mistake. 

I don’t really know if it was a decent movie or whatever.  I’m sure the acting was probably alright; it starred Marky Mark Wahlberg and that pretty actress from The Mummy with the hair that I want and this new girl who had scary eyes but a very warm smile and Stanley Tucci with fake teeth and blue contacts and Susan Sarandon.  I do know that the scenes of Susie Salmon (like the fish) in between heaven and earth were super weird and not really cool-weird.  Mostly weird-weird.

I don’t remember much about the movie itself.  I remember every single ounce of pain and sadness and fear and sympathy and anger I felt while I watched.

I remember that when I joked with my friends that they should “remember what I’m wearing” as I walked out of the theatre, the only one going my direction towards a big, empty, DARK, parking lot, I wasn’t actually joking.  And that I spent the entire ride home checking my rear view mirror to make sure there weren’t any murderers stowed away in my back seat.  And that I had to fight the overwhelming urge to wake the girls up just to hug and kiss and squeeze them.  And that it took me until after midnight to feel confident enough to go to bed without having nightmares.

I don’t shy away from controversial books or movies.  I prefer (I wouldn’t say like because I don’t think like is an appropriate word here) books and movies that teach me things about life and human nature, good and bad.  I want to be fully informed about what kind of world I’m living in and what these other inhabitants are capable of doing.  Again, good and bad.

But seeing this movie was a bad idea.


10 thoughts on “The Lovely Bones

  1. Agreed. I needed to watch multiple episodes of Corie Street that I had PVR’d before I felt good enough about going to sleep. And really, that was all in vain, as I spent my night nightmare-ing. Vivid preggo dream abilities + strange, disturbing movies = not good combo.

    ‘Twas good acting and story-telling, in that disturb-and-stick-with-you-far-longer-than-you’d-like kind of way though…

    • Good point, Sara. I suppose if it had been bad acting and a terrible story, I wouldn’t have been so disturbed.

      Good job, Stanley, on being such a convincing creepy psychopath!

    • If you do see it, I would recommend seeing a matinee for two reasons: 1) you’ll be less likely to crap your pants from fear as you’re leaving the theatre, and 2) your kids will still be awake so you can immediately hug them until their heads pop.

  2. Wow Jen, thanks for the warning. I don’t think I will be seeing that movie now. I do however, have the book from the library and was going to start it today. Should I? Or should I not waste my time? When I read a book, I want it to be good because there are so many good books out there and it’s such a waste to read a crappy one.
    I saw It’s Complicated…cute movie!

  3. Glad I was not able to make it out last night with you guys! And i am not going to read the book either – I do not need another book to make my cry and want to run and hug my kids!!!

  4. I read the book years ago and could not finish it. Everyone kept raving about how wonderful it was, so I picked it up during a Barnes & Noble frenzy one afternoon. I’m a huge wimp at heart and anything having to do with kids or animals getting hurt really affects me. Too much for me, but beautifully written. Have not seen the movie yet, but I had my eyes removed after Avatar so it will be awhile before I get another film experience.

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