Ghetto mall, you disappoint me.

Things I did today that should have had an interesting, blog-worthy story attached to them:

  1. Slept in Could have slept in.
  2. Took half a vacation today.
  3. Drove 45 minutes to a ghetto mall under construction for the sole purpose of raiding a going-out-of-business The Disney Store.
  4. Spent too much money at ghetto The Disney Store.
  5. Ate the World’s Most Disgusting Sub, complete with rock-hard bun.  The sub’s, not mine.
  6. Strolled into work at 1.
  7. Went out for dinner.

Reasons why the things I did today were not blog-worthy:

  1. I still had to get up at the same time because, alas, my children still wake up at the buttcrack of dawn, and so must I.  Gone are the days when mornings start whenever I feel like they should.  They now start when I’m told they start, either by my alarm clock (that jerk) or by a child wanting to be parented (jerks).  Blah.
  2. Half a vacation day is not long enough to do anything exciting.  Not with two kids in tow, at least.  Getting ready takes, at minimum, an hour and a half.  Travelling includes car seats and strollers and snacks and extra diapers and fetching kicked-off boots.  And then that’s the end of the half a vacation day.  Bore.
  3. That was it.  That sentence describing what we did was as exciting as it got.  Yeah, it was 45 minutes away which, I guess, is sort of far to go for one store.  Yeah, it was a mall that was sort of ghetto because it was under construction but it’s just some renovations, so give it a break.  Yeah, we didn’t go to any other store, big whup.  Yeah, that particular The Disney Store is closing, but it’s not like the entire business is going under.  Yawn.
  4. I spent more than I expected but I got more than I expected so you can’t have one without the other.  I didn’t spend so much that I have buyer’s remorse.  Just enough not to drain any accounts or cripple any credit cards.  There were some good sales, but I’m sensible.  Shopping isn’t rocket science.  Der.
  5. Who wants to read about what I had for lunch?  Isn’t that, like, the first rule of blogging fight club?  No one cares what you had for lunch.  It was gross and I was pissed at the sub-maker-lady for serving me a sandwich made with bread hard enough to dent a car door with, but you don’t care about that.  There was too much salt also, but you still don’t care, right?  So, blerg.
  6. That’s it.  One o’clock was my start time today.  Rivetted yet?
  7. McDonalds.  Jealous?  I had a Big Mac meal with iced tea.  I feel disgusting because of all the gross.  But I didn’t feel gross enough to not eat the other half of Eirinn’s burger.  Starving kids in China and all.  But, again, see #5.  I think #5 pretty much applies to any meal of the day.

And this, dear friends, is why I am starting to hate NaBloPoMo.


2 thoughts on “Ghetto mall, you disappoint me.

  1. Were the kids with you at the Disney Store? Where is this Disney Store? Is there actually stuff there that Eirinn doesn’t have? Was it Subway? Mr. Sub wouldn’t have served a stale bun. (I used to work there so I am standing up for my roots! LOL)

    • Yes, the kids were with me, but so was my mom and sister, so that made birthday shopping complicated, but doable.

      The store we went to, the one that is closing, is in the Scarborough Town Centre. It’s closing next week, but there’s one in Vaughan Mills that isn’t closing.

      Yes, there is stuff that Eirinn doesn’t have. Not much, but some. But I bought that stuff for her birthday, so now there isn’t anything that she doesn’t have.

      Yes, it was Subway. I’m a die-hard Mr. Sub patron, but there wasn’t one and I didn’t feel like grease (I had that for dinner instead). I regret that decision; I would have rather had grease than a hard bun.

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