A little bit of Eirinn, lately

Someone has been getting my daughter unnecessarily excited about this weekend.  Eirinn is reDONKulously hyped about Valentine’s Day.  We’ve tried to talk her down, telling her that Valentine’s Day isn’t even as good as Thanksgiving because there’s no stuffing or anything.  But she’s having none of it.  What she will have is chocolate.  We’ve told her that it’s not like Halloween where you get pillow cases filled with candy; that you might get a little bit if someone loves you (we like to keep our kids guessing).

She’s literally vibrating with excitement.  She made sure she wore her Valentine’s Day shirt (it had hearts on it) and was awfully upset until I found one for Avery, too.

She’s going to be disappointed.  I did buy her a small amount of heart-shaped chocolate, but I’m sure she’s thinking it will be delivered in droves by some chocolate fairy (Cupid?); like Santa, only chocolatier.

Oh, well.  I’m sure it won’t be the last time she’ll be disappointed on Valentine’s Day.


Eirinn can now write her name without any help.  She has incredibly neat writing and even draws a horizontal line first so that her letters can be even.  Mommy’s girl.  This is a recent mastering, within the last week or so, but she’s got it down pat.

And then this morning, she showed me a new trick.  She has the ability to write her name backwards.  Like backwards.  Not nniriE.  Like a mirror.  Just as neatly and quickly as she can forwards.  I just tried it right now and it’s hard, even for me, and I’ve been writing my name forwards for 26 years.

Creeeeepy.  But a pretty cool parlor trick.


Eirinn told me she had accidentally peed in her Pull Up.  She accidentally pees in her Pull Up every night.  She’s had 5 dry nights in the last week and a half, so we’re encouraging progress, but not getting upset when she has accidents.

I went to change her, but she was dry. 

“Eirinn, you didn’t pee.”

“I didn’t? … You know what happened, Mom?  I felt my Pull Up and it was warm, so I thought I peed.  But it was my toot.  My toot made it warm.”


6 thoughts on “A little bit of Eirinn, lately

  1. Okay the backwards writing thing transported me instantly to Danny Torrence and his REDRUM episode in The Shining, but clearly your little one is far too cute for those kind of shenanigans.
    My kids inhale my chocolate delivered by the “I’m afraid of my wifes wrath” fairy that visits this time of year. Yay!

    • Oh, yeah! Redrum! I’ll keep an eye on her mirror in her room to make sure there isn’t any funny business happening. Oh, and I’ll stay away from vacant hotels in secluded moutainous areas.

  2. Ah, the warmth of a toot …
    Hope she’s not too disappointed today!
    The binky fairy is coming to visit our house soon. I’m sure it will all be very exciting until the next time they have to sleep.

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