Go, Canada, Go – Haute Couture Edition

Eirinn, being “modelly.”  There were hundreds of different poses.  I like the “staying alive” feel to this one.  Very Olympic-y.

Me, not being “modelly”, annoyed by how unphotogenic I am.  Seriously, it’s like some mystery of science how much the camera hates me.  You know what?  Stop looking at my face.  Look at the shirt.  “Canuck.”  It’s funny because it’s true.

If you squint your eyes, you can almost pretend Avery isn’t dressed like a hooligan.  A patriotic hooligan.

Better?  Whatever.  The side ponytail is uber-stylish and “true north strong and free” are the coolest words in our national anthem.  The fact that I now have a shirt emblazened with these words makes me super cool by proxy. 

“You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me.  I will smack you.”


12 thoughts on “Go, Canada, Go – Haute Couture Edition

  1. The top one of Eirinn and the bottom one of Avery are hilarious, very “them”. Eirinn is all look at me cause I’m doing something super-awesome, and Avery is all look at me or else you’ll regret it.

  2. Love ’em!

    We were at the liquor store on Saturday, and Eric had wandered over to the beer section. I finally found him by the ridiculous red and white pom-pom on the top of LUCY’S Team Canada hat he snuck out of the house. He may be geeky, but at least he’s patriotic geeky.

    • We have more “Canada” clothes (t-shirts, the red leaf mitts), but I thought it would get a little patriotic-weird if I made the kids do a wardrobe change for the sake of a blog post.

  3. Love the pictures, Eirinn is adorable with her pose and I must say you are much more photogenic with a teensy weeny smile! Smile more, it improves your facial value!

  4. You look grouchy in your “Canuck” shirt, so the image is cognitively dissonant. A Canadian not being polite and accommodating? Even visually?


    • Maybe I didn’t appreciate the derogatory terminology my shirt was using. But, even with the pissed off face, I probably apologized to this jerk of a shirt at some point. “Sorry, but I don’t agree with the use of that kind of language…” or “That’s not very nice to say to me. Sorry, but it’s not.”

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