Smell-O-Vision was NOT invented specifically because of days like today.

Not a single member of my family bathed today.  Well, I did, but it was more of the relaxing-in-bubbly-privacy-so-I-can-read-alone-with-no-one-asking-me-to-get-them-a-snack-or-to-change-the-channel-or-to-wipe-their-bum variety.  There was no cleaning involved. 

My Family Day held a bundle of much needed reading (I had 150 pages of one book and I’m now well into the book club book I have two weeks to finish before it’s due back at the library)(this is whyI buy my books and don’t usually use the library – too much pressure), a lot of couch-sitting, and…that’s about it.  I tried three different hair styles to see if I could make my hair look a little less un-washed?  Basically I did nothing.

The kids spent the day “naked”, which is naked + undergarments.  ‘Cause one of them can’t control their bowels.  And when the kids are “naked”, they go on auto-pilot-100-miles-an-hour mode.  Naked = racing.  Whatever.  I was too busy sitting and reading my book.  Run all you want, just don’t smash your head open and make me get up.

AH was Super-Nerding it up on the computer, killing zombies or fighting wars or whatever the point of his current game-du-jour is.  Probably involved guns.

None of us left the house because there was nothing to leave the house for.  Nothing was open because of this brand new made up holiday, which, yay!  Vacation day!  And also boo!  Nothing good to do (translations: shopping)!

So we all stink.  Don’t get all uppity about it.


4 thoughts on “Smell-O-Vision was NOT invented specifically because of days like today.

  1. Sounds like a fantastic Family Day for everyone! My family day consisted of cleaning up Owen’s vomit, then cuddling with him, cleaning up vomit, cuddling…. and so on and so on….

  2. We were the stinky, dirty half sick but not sick enough to keep me inside sick, family for family day. Loaded the boys up on fever and pain relievers and forced them outside for tubing and skating. After that, I was too tired to care.

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