This will be brief because I don’t want to bore you to sleep.

I just got back from an information session on the New Jewel of the Ministry of Finance – the HST. 

For those unaware (like if you’re, say, American and don’t even realize we have real paper money here in Canada or if you’re Canadian and haven’t been paying attention as the government has been preparing to screw you fantastically), the HST, or Harmonized Sales Tax (as the government likes to use glossy, soothing words to distract us from our impending corn-holing), is a “harmony” of our current GST and PST.  Instead of paying 5% GST and 8% PST, of which we could be paying one or the other or both or neither, we will be paying 13% HST on anything and everything that was subject to 5% GST previously.  Gas, for example.  Filling up your tank will now cost 8% more.  Yippie!

This change will effect everyone.  Well, everyone who buys things or pays bills for utilities or sells people things or eats food that must be purchased. 
So basically everyone except for homeless people and self-sufficient hippies.  I do all of those things, especially here at work, where this change and its results will become a major function of my day to day duties.  Doodies.  Get it?  Because this change is crap.

Anypoorhouse, the seminar was dry and accountant-y (which I am not, so I was mostly glassy-eyed and dreaming about Turtles, The Chocolate).  I was entertained in the slightest by how poorly a job the presenter was doing at disguising her contempt and disgust and RAGE! at the government and this tax change.  You could see her blood boil as she clenched her mouth in a very stiff grin while she was forced to illustrate the “positives” (I can’t remember a single one).

I learned what I needed to, but nothing more than I already knew – that the government is a greedy bunch of greedy pants who will be taking more of our hard-earned money and calling it a favour to us. 

Harmonized, bah.

I just counted the empty Turtles wrappers in my garbage can.  Eight.  At 90 calories a piece, I’d say my work here is done.


4 thoughts on “This will be brief because I don’t want to bore you to sleep.

  1. Ugh, maddening! So so maddening! Good for you for going to the meeting though but it’s just so maddening that they are going to take MORE money from us. Ugh!

  2. Yeah we’re thrilled about it, Sarah …

    Way back when they introduced Income Tax as a “Temporary Measure to alleviate the costs associated with the Great War”. Yep, that should be repealed at any second now … wait for it … here it comes …

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