Time Suck #3

See also:

Edition #1, entitled How to Rot Your Brain (In A Good Way) Without Leaving the Comfort of Your Office Chair.

Edition #2, Clear Your Schedule for the Remainder of the Week.


Baman Piderman – I just did a test run with my mom and my brother and either they don’t know from funny or I have a stupid sense of humour because they didn’t laugh for nearly as long as I did.  The ratio was zero minutes of laughing (them) to ten minutes of filling my pants with laugh-pee (me).  My favourite episode is “Pwactice Da Counting”.

This is Chelle.  She’s a very talented artist and uses the word ‘betarded’.  Also, she introduced me to Baman Piderman, so if you think it’s stupid, blame her.

This is Jay.  He’s impressively clumsy and likes graphs in a non-nerdy way.  He also does this, which is also funny.

This is Buffy.  Read her blog and you’re Two Degrees Of Separation from Neil Patrick Harris.  Do it!

This is Sarah.  She is overly affectionate towards fruit.  She has the video to prove it.

This is Jules.  She’s like the Internet Simon Cowell to people with no talent.  No offence Sarah.

This is Bill.  Or Trista.  She promises not to molest you.

(FYI – this is just a smackerel of what is on my feedreader.  I have a bazillion fantastic blogs that I read every post.  If I haven’t mentioned yours here or in Time Suck #1 or #2, don’t be offended.  I’ll get to you later.)

MamaPop – Celebrity news and gossip, movie “reviews”, and all things pop culture, reported with a dash of sarcasm, a dollop of snark, and a pinch of contempt.  Told the way celebri-news should be told – with an opinion. 

Craftastrophe –  Put your protective finger-visors on because there are some scary things out there that people pass off as art.

At the end of the night, when I’m procrastinating going to bed, all my blogs are read, all my tweets have been twittered, all my shows have been watched, I play Bejeweled Blitz until I’m confident I’ve become the Loser to Crush All Losers, and then I can call it a day.


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