Snow out there





Remember that part in Crocodile Dundee when that punk pulls a switch blade on ol’ Croc and he goes “That’s noit a knoife.  Now, this is a knoife.”  And he whips out a 10″ steel blade Bowie knife that could skin an elephant?

This year, we’ve got the switch blade and I know all of you have the Bowie knife.  “That’s not snow.  Now, this is snow.”  And you point to your car, which is currently submerged in 12 feet of the white stuff. 


6 thoughts on “Snow out there

    • I wish that if it was going to snow, it wouldn’t be so half-assed about it and SNOW. Because it sucks to have two little girls who are desperate to build a snowman and by the time we get them ready, the little snow we got is melted.

      So, yes. All snow is bad snow. But if it’s going to be snow, be SNOW.

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